In-game Events

Nar Shaddaa Nightlife Event Guide

My tips for making the most of the Nar Shaddaa Nightlife event.

Galactic Season 1: The Stranger from Kubindi

Galactic Seasons: Priority Objectives Guides

SWTOR Galactic Seasons weekly Priority Objectives written guides.

6.3 The Dark Descent

Secrets of the Enclave Achievement Guides

Written guides for Secrets of the Enclave achievements, Secrets of the Past achievements and the Little Buddies' Buddy hidden achievement.

6.0 Spoils of War

SWTOR Kai Zykken Vendor Items

A list of items being sold by the SWTOR Merchant of Mystery Kai Zykken Vendor for the current week.

List of All Armor Set Bonus In SWTOR

A complete list of all armor sets that give ability or stat bonuses for each class in SWTOR.

New Player & Beginner Guides

SWTOR Story Progression Chart

A SWTOR solo story order and story progression chart for tracking the correct order in which to play story content and expansions.

Which Class Should I Play In SWTOR?

My tips on how to choose a class in SWTOR for both new and returning players.

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