SWTOR Schematic Aspirations Mission Guide

This guide will help you through the "Schematic Aspirations" mission, including all three Datasticks, the first part of a long series of quests that are required for the Kessan's Landing Datacron achievement in SWTOR.

Datacrons are collectables scattered around the galaxy in Star Wars: The Old Republic. Each Datacron contributes towards your Legacy's passive stats permanently. Furthermore, they also provide interesting Lore and Codex Entries about the Old Republic era.

This questline can be picked up before you even start the Critical Storyline from Game Update 7.4 Chains in the Dark. The completion of these quests are a requirement to gain access to the instance the Datacron is inside of, as well as providing a planetary buff that can be very helpful in your Daily Area missions.

Pick up Schematic Aspirations from the Geothermal Research Repository terminal inside the Runoff Control in the south of Ardak Point.

First of, you have to download the Schematic Data from the Databank Terminal next to where you picked up your mission.

But since you don't have authorisation to access the Databank Terminal, you now have to locate three dish looking Terminal Datastreams in Ardak Point. Scan all three with your binoculars, the clickable item at your mission log.

Once they have all been scanned, you now have to find the Security Mainframe inside the Subterranean Power Station, north of Ardak Point. The Power Sation is full of Hiden Chain forces, so I highly recommend playing as a stealth class.

Initially you have to locate where the Mainframe is, which is in the southern room. As soon as you approach the southern room, your quest marker will change to a more localised area.

In order to Bypass Security, pick up a Clearance Code Datapad on one of the tables. Once you've looted it, you will receive an Empty Security Combo-Key in your "Mission Items" tab in your Inventory. Examine the Empty Combo-Key by clicking the icon at your mission log.


Unfortunately, this Empty Security Combo-Key is missing its three Datasticks that you now have to hunt down.
The first Datastick can be looted from an Elite Asharl Tech-Devourer. Search either the middle or nothern room inside the Subterranean Power Station. You will know it's the correct one by its 2 sec cast ability "Chew Cables".

The second Datastick can be looted from elite Security Officer Henck who's standing and fiddling with a terminal on the corner of the FR3-D0M Worldboss ground south of Port Granost.

And the third Datastick can be looted from a weak Tech-Devourer Trainer inside Fort Ronnig: Exterior.

Once you have looted all three Datasticks, simply click the icon at your mission log to assemble the Empty Security Combo-Ket and the missing Datasticks into a fully functional Security Datastick.

Return to Runoff Control in the southern Ardak Point and finally download the Schematic Data from the Databank Terminal.

Complete the mission by examining the newly downloaded Geothermal Shielding Schematic by clicking the icon at your mission log.

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