SWTOR 7.2 Ruhnuk Hidden Achievement Guide

This guide will help you obtain the three hidden achievements on Ruhnuk - "Leg Day", "Tineback Tamer" and "Wraid Night" that will give 80 Achievement Points in total. These achievements can be done at any time and have no other requirements beyond finding them and completing them.

Leg Day

The achievement itself states: "Don't skip leg day in Mandalore's Encampment on Ruhnuk." and it is as simple as it sounds. You have to run up the stairs 5 times in a row from around the corner of the Travel Point in Mandalore's Encampment to the Duct Maintenance Network.

When you reach the top of the stairs each time, simply jump to the bottom and run back up. on the fifth time reaching the top, you should receive the achievement Leg Day. (20 achievement points)

Recommendation: Bring a companion along that can heal you on the way up to save time, but remember to be at 80% health at least before jumping, otherwise you'll die from the fall and then you'll have to start over.

Tineback Tamer

For this achievement you will make several tiny new friends (for a time) by collecting 3 Overripe Lambro fruits on Ruhnuk. These Overripe Fruiting Lambros can be found in the Dilapidated Waterworks, Overgrown Mining Site and Verdant Ravine. They can spawn anywhere, but there are a few confirmed locations.

Once you pick up one of the Overripe Fruiting Lambros, you will have 10 min to find another in one of the other areas. Picking up the second fruit will reset the timer, so you have another 10 min to find the third one.

Thanks to Cogesh from <clean> on Darth Malgus for showing me where they spawn!

Dilapidated Waterworks

In the Dilapidated Waterworks you can find the Overripe Fruiting Lambro south of the Quick Travel Point, behind the big concrete pipes in between two packs of Tinebacks.

Note: The Overripe Fruiting Lambro will not glow blue as a clickable item until you hover your mouse curser over it, so they will be well camouflaged into its surroundings.

Once you click the fruit, you will be given the message "Juice from the Thornblade covers your hands...", followed by a message of "You hear a scuttling sound approaching!" and a tiny, friendly Inquisitive Tineback Hatchling appears that will follow you around along with a buff called: "Intriguing Scent" that lasts for 10 min.

Note: This friendly Tineback Hatchling will prevent you from being stealthed near enemy NPC's. They will notice the Hatchling, put you into combat and kill it quickly. You will keep the "timed "Intriguing Scent" buff, but it is unknown if this will prevent you from getting the achievement without all the hatchlings following you around.

Overgrown Mining Site

The Overripe Fruiting Lambro can spawn at several locations in the Overgrown Mining Site, but the map has been marked with 4 confirmed locations.
Click the fruit, receive the same message as the one before and another tiny, friendly Inquisitive Hatchling appears that will also follow you around, along with the timer on your "Intriguing Scent" buff has been reset.

Note: You can Quick Travel without losing the Hatchlings, so the easiest access to the Overgrown Mining Site is from the Excavation Overlook quick travel point in the Excavation Site to the west.

Verdant Ravine

You can find the Overripe Fruiting Lambro in the area just outside Outpost Delta, in the area where numerous Dewbacks are roaming around. If it spawns in the tall grass, it can be tricky to find, so let your mouse curser guide you.
Click the fruit, receive the same message as the ones before and third tiny, friendly Inquisitive Hatchling appears that will also follow you around, along with the timer on your "Intriguing Scent" buff has been reset. They will leave you when your buff runs out and you no longer smell intriguing.

You should now have completed the Tineback Tamer achievement. (10 achievement points)

Wraid Night

The Wraid Night achievement comes from defeating a secret World Boss in the pit inside the Ventilations Maintenance area.
In order to summon this World Boss, you will need two unique items - Fresh Dewback Corpse and Powerful Pheromones - that drops from defeated Dewbacks and members of the Hidden Chain. These items bind on pickup and unfortunately the drop rate is very RNG, but two different players in the group can each have one and deliver each their item.

But once you have both the Fresh Dewback Corpse and the Powerful Pheromones, assemble your team (16 man is recommended) and place the items on the clickable stones in the pit. A Champion Wraid named Tiroxe, Once-Slumbering alongside other minor wraids, will appear and attack you.

The easiest way to get to the pit is to quick travel to the Excavation Overlook in the Excavation Site, then go south and take the first entrance on your left to the Primary Ventilation Tunnel and then enter the Ventilation Maintenance area.

When you defeated the powerful enemy in the beast pit, you have indeed demonstrated your mastery over wraid bosses and will receive a Legacy Title named "Wraid Boss" alongside the achievement Wraid Night (50 achievement points)

Thank you to the members of <clean> for helping me defeat this boss so easily!

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