SWTOR Orokeet and Orosquab Pet Location Guide

This is a guide that will help you locate and obtain an Unusual or Mysterious Egg as well as how to hatch it to receive an Orokeet or Orosquab pet in SWTOR.

To get this Pet, you have to go Egg snatching first. You can find these eggs at several locations on Alderaan, Republic Taris and Imperial Balmorra that can be hatched on Tatooine.
The Mysterious Egg is a very rare drop from the Lost Island Flashpoint on Master Mode, but will be hatched in the same way as the Unusual Egg.

Nest #1 on Alderaan

Starting coordinates: 2137, -1810.

The first nest can be found in Kaamos Territory, just south of the Lerantha Dam, which will be easiest to get to as an Imperial Player. There are actually 2 nests here, but usually if one has an egg, the other one is empty.

Follow the path up through Killik territory and go through the cavern.

As you exit the caverns continue to follow the path until you reach some ruins.

At the ruins, turn around and run into the small alcove with a group of Killiks.

In the back, climb the rocks and run right.

Follow the path in between the rocks on the snow.

Overlooking Castle Thul, just above the exit of the cavern, at the flat rock, you can climb down.

If that one is empty, continue on from the flat rock to the right on the snowy path.

From the rocks overlooking the entrance to the cavern, jump down to the second nest.

Nest #2 on Alderaan

Starting coordinates: 222, 1845.

The second nest can be found in the Alsakan Lowlands, south-west of Wardpost Duvaal, which will be easiest to get to as a Republic Player.

Go under the broken bridge from the left.

Jump down onto the tether, then down the right onto the fallen tree below.

From the tree, move slightly up onto the rock, then jump down to the fallen tree below.

Now it’s a simple matter of running down to the nest on your left side.

A potentially easier route starts from the other side of the broken bridge by jumping down onto the twisted roots.

From the roots, jump down onto the small ledge to the left on the rock wall.

Move down onto the lower ledge on the right below the roots and then jump onto the fallen tree.

The nest is at the bottom of the fallen tree.

Nest #3 on Republic Taris

Starting coordinates: 1182, 263.

The third nest can be found in the Tularan Marsh, north of Brejik's Run Outpost at the Derelict Swoop Tracks. This is the exact same starting point at the Orange Mastery Datacron, where you climb the pipe.

At the top of the pipe, you will go to your right on the broken platform.

At the end of the broken platform, use a mount to jump over onto the roof of the Derelict Swoop Tracks.

Run down to the end with the grassy area.

Snatch the egg!

Nest #4 on Imperial Balmorra

Starting coordinates: -1818, 1267.

The fourth nest can be found in the Markaran Plains, west of Vanguard Outpost, near the Worldboss Grandfather's location.

Climb over the rocky terrain into a small grassy alcove where you will find a few nests.

Snatch the egg!

Hatching the Egg

Travel to Tatooine and start by finding a Moisture Vaporator and click its Water Access Panel, which will give you a "Refreshed and Sustained" buff that will last 30 min. These will be found all over Tatooine, including near Anchorhead and Mos Ila.


Mos Ila

Travel to the south-west of the Dune Sea at the Czerka Archeological Site.

Stand underneath the solar panel machinery. This will prompt the warning that you have entered an area of "Powerful Heat Source", hence why you need the moisture buff, as well as telling you your egg is showing signs of life.

After a minute or so, you will be told your egg has hatched, which will transform your egg into an Orokeet or an Orosquab, as well as you’re starting to take damage, because your Moisture buff has been consumed and you are now in an Exhaustion Zone. Tada!

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