SWTOR Little Buddies' Buddy Hidden Achievement Guide

This is a guide to help you complete the hidden achievement "Little Buddies' Buddy" that is part of the Secrets of the Enclave Flashpoint in SWTOR.

Little Buddies' Buddy - Feed Yarvok's Buddies

For this achievement you will have to feed Yarvok's 3 pets near the Enclave. To do this you have to find 3 different clickable containers with food in them.

Each container has a timer and once you click it you have a short period of time (25 seconds) to feed the correct pet before the food goes bad. If you fail to feed the pet in time then you will be given a debuff that tells you that you stink.

I recommend that you clear out all enemies in your path first and use a mount to reach the pet in time. If you do not reach the pet in time then you will have to do it over again in a new instance. An instance will only spawn 3 crates and they will not respawn if you miss the timer.

All 3 pets need to be fed and you must repeat this 3 times for the title "Friends to Beasts".

Fuzzy (The Xuvva on the left)

Crash-landed Fruit Shipment containing Galma Fruit spawns near your ship at the start of the flashpoint.

Yug (The Skarkla in the middle)

Crash-landed Cryocrate containing Rishi Honeystix spawns in the center of Enclave Approach map somewhere between the 2nd and 3rd camp.

Ol' Cronchy (The Zeldrate on the right)

Crash-landed Assorted Meats containing Semi-Fresh spawns near the 3rd camp in the Enclave Approach map.

Enjoy your new Legacy Title!

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