SWTOR Flameshell Mawvorr Location Guide

This is a guide that will help you locate and obtain the Flameshell Mawvorr pet that is part of both the "He's Just a Little Guy" and "Can I Really Keep him?" achievement in the Daily Area Interpreter's Retreat on Voss in SWTOR. This achievement requires you to start the 7.3 story - Old Wounds.

The Achievement can be found in your Legacy (Y) > Location > Voss: Interpreter's Retreat > Exploration.

He's Just a Little Guy

First you have to locate the little pet. This is an easy task. The Very Tiny Mawvorr is found behind an enclosure behind the building right of the Market Area. You can jump over the wall from the Imperial landing zone.

As soon as you approach the the Very Tiny Mawvorr, you will be granted the He's Just a Little Guy achievement, as well as revealing the continuous achievement: Can I Really Keep Him?

Can I Really Keep Him?

Secondly you have to feed the little guy 15 times. You will need 3 items to combine into some delicious Mawvorr Chow - Peppery Slimegourd, Discarded Vorantisteak and Powerful Nutrients.

Peppery Slimegourd

The Peppery Slimegourd can be find all over Voss Wilds, usually by the roots of a tree. The are plenty of them to collect and you can collect more than one, if you are so inclined.

Discarded Vorantisteak

This part of the achievement requires you to start the 7.3 storyline - Old Wounds. You can pick up a Discarded Vorantisteak in the Gormak Work Camp Cantina. You can only enter the Cantina once a day for the Daily Mission A Cantina in Crisis, which will not be available until you reach the "Aiding Efforts" part of the 7.3 - Old Wounds storyline.

You can find the Discarded Vorantisteak on the floor somewhere in the Cantina.
Note: While you are here, you might as well pick up the Abandoned Order for the Rest and Restoration achievement.

Powerful Nutrients

Finally you have to purchase the Powerful Nutrients from the Specialty Nutrient Vendor for 3,000 Tech Fragments and 1 Million Credits. This item can actually be sold back to the vendor for its full price after use in case you don't want to waste your currency.

Combine the Peppery Slimegourd, Discarded Vorantisteak and Powerful Nutrients by right-clicking the Powerful Nutrients item. Just like the Daily Mission A Cantina in Crisis can only be done once a day per character, the Powerful Nutrients item can only be used once a day as well. It has a 24 hour cooldown.
Approach the Very Tiny Mawvorr again and click the Temporary Ability that pops up called "Feed the Mawvorr". The little guy will gobble up the chow enthusiastically. Repeat this 15 times.

The pet will be available immediately after in your "Pets" tab in your Ability (Default keybind is P), and will also be unlocked in your Legacy, which means you can collect this on all your characters in your Legacy under Locations > Voss: Interpreter's Retreat > Exploration.

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