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Clash in Hyperspace

Time Remaining:1 day

Next Conquest:Relics of the Gree

Renown Bonus:Operations

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SWTOR Legacy of the Sith - New Expansion 2021

SWTOR have announced a new expansion named Legacy of the Sith set for a December 2021 release.

Nar Shaddaa Nightlife Event 2021 Guide

My tips for making the most of the Nar Shaddaa Nightlife event.

Caitlin Sullivan Kelly Interview! (Secrets of the Enclave writer)

I had the honour of interviewing BioWare's Caitlin Sullivan Kelly the writer of SWTOR Secrets of the Enclave, the recent short story "Quite A Story To Tell" and more!

Darth Malgus Discord Stronghold Competition Results

The Darth Malgus Discord Server recently held a Guild Stronghold Competition. The competition was organised by the server admins with a huge prize pool on offer. Each guild had over a month to participate and showcase their incredible creativity.

SWTOR In-game Events Schedule

  • Relics of the Gree

    30th November - 7th December

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