SWTOR Flirron Hatchling Location Guide

This is a guide that will help you locate and obtain the Flirron Hatchling pet that is part of the achievement "Flirron-friend" in SWTOR.

To tame this pet, you have to search for Tasty Morsel to feed it with first. There are 5 good locations with a guaranteed spawn, at which you can collect all 5, then switch to a second instance and collect the next 5, until you've collected 15 in total. The Morsels will be transferred to your Missions Items tab in your Inventory.

Location #1

Location #2

Location #3

Location #4

Location #5

Once you've collected 15 Tasty Morsel, you have to find the Flirron Hatchling. You will find it in the caves to the north or south of the main path between Iziz and the Royal Hunting Lodge. Although it has been known to also fly around in the thick vegetation surrounding the cave entrances. You might even hear it before you see it. It sounds like the Thranta from Alderaan.

Now you simply have to feed it with the Tasty Morsels in your Inventory.

This pet will be available immediately after in your "Pets" tab in your Ability (Default keybind is P), and will also be unlocked in your Legacy, which means you can collect this on all your characters in your Legacy under Locations > Onderon > Exploration.

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