SWTOR 7.1 Manaan Daily Area Achievement Guide

This guide will help you find the location of the marvellous wonders of Manaan in the achievement Manaan Sightseer, as well as two hidden faction-based achievements called All Things in Moderation and Converts and Compatriots.
Note: The Manaan Sightseer achievement can only be completed through the Storyline on either faction, which you can only access if you are up-to-date with the overall story of 7.0 Legacy of the Sith.

A special thanks to Sinrai for the helping hand on where to locate them all!

Manaan Sightseer

Find the Fighter's Memoir

You can find a "Dented Personal Device" on top of some crates in the Imperial Kolto Refining Sublevel in the area for the Republic story "Uncertain Cooperation". As an Imperial player, you will be lead to this area as well through the story "Veiled Threats".

You reach this area through one of two elevators in the Imperial Kolto Refining Platform as marked on the map below.

Visit the Patriot's Memorial

You have to locate the "Patriot's Commemoration Plaque" at the south-west Exhibition Dome in the [Heroic Area] Visitor's Center Exploration Dome.

You can reach this area through one of two elevators in the Public Arrivals Port.

Investigate Kolto Tanks

The Kolto Tanks in question are the one you find guarded by some Isolations Force as you pass the bridge towards the west side of the Public Arivals Port which is a Heroic Area. They are easy enough to spot.

Visit the Ancient Selkath City

This one is simple. Travel to the Ancient Selkath City in the south-west of Manaan's Invasion Zone.

Be sure to run into the excavation area where the pop-up text with "Ancient Selkath City" is announced. There has been reports that it will not count until then.

Find the Selkath Relic

You have to locate an item called "Unearthed Selkath Relic" inside the Ancient Civic Center, which is a small area connected to the west side of the Ancient Selkath City.
The relic is tough to see, since it seem to be showing very little of it's surface inside the crate.

Note: I highly recommend doing this as a Republic Character, since you will be surrounded by Republic NPC's, or that you at least make it easier on yourself an go as a Stealth Imperial Character.

Swim in the Underwater Pool

It's time to dip your toe into the soothing Underwater Kolto Pool inside the Ancient Progenitor Temple, which is the story phase that is part of the Manaan Story Arc for both factions - "Retribution in the Rift" for Republic Players and "A Conservation Proposal" for Imperial Players.

There's not much to it other than dive in!

Get Devoured by the Progenitor

Finally, you need to Get Devoured by the Progenitor. This is also a simple task. Simply climb into the mouth of the Ancient Progenitor Statue outside the story phase Ancient Progenitor Temple. This might be the toughest one to get, since it involves a tiny bit of jumping of the side of the mouth to get in.

All Things in Moderation (Empire Only)

Find the Lost Datapad

You will find this "Lost Personal Datapad" behind a bunch of imperial crates stacked up close to the wall in the hallway near the story phase for the initial Manaan Story Arc inside the Hidden Imperial Base.

Find the Misplaced Datapad

You will find this "Misplaced Personal Device" inside a large container among crates and kolto tanks in the second room of the Archaeology Center Arrivals that leads into the Ancient Selkath City.

Converts and Compatriots (Republic Only)

Find the Cult Pamphlet

You will find the "Strange Pamphlet" out in the open on top of a crate outside a guarded locked door on the east hallway of the Joint Operations Base before you enter the initial Manaan Story Arc.

Find the Potential Convert's Log

You will find the "Poorly Hidden PDA" (which was the toughest to spot) inside a Manaan Fern next to a couple of Selkath in conversation, which are next to the Class Trainers near the entrance of the Joint Operations Base.

Find the New Cult Member's Log

You will find the "Personal Datapad" on the ground outside at the Joint Operations Arrivals behind the big containers on the east side looking out towards the water.

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