SWTOR Companion Gift Guide

To make your beloved companions in Star Wars: The Old Republic more efficient, both on the battlefield and for crafting, you have to increase your influence with them to Rank 50. The increase of influence can be done in many ways - Affection from Conversations, Crew Skill Missions, Gift Giving etc.

Each Influence Level gives:

  • +50 Presence.
  • 1.5% time efficiency for crew skill tasks.
  • +0.5% critical rate for crew skill tasks.

This means that a level 50 companion will have a 2500 Presence bonus, as well as 75% time efficiency and 25% critical rate for crew skill tasks. It is the Presence bonus that will increase your companion's effectiveness as Tank, DPS or Healer, which stacks on top of your passive Presence stats gained from Datacrons.

Commander's Compendium

The fastest way is to use a "Commander's Compendium" that will instantly level your active companion up to Rank 50. It can be purchased from V1C-0RY for

  • 3x Dark Project MK-1
  • 4,250,000 Credits.

This vendor is located in the Stronghold & Crew Skills area on the Fleet.
Or alternatively, you can also buy Commander's Compendiums on the Cartel Market cash shop for 990 Cartel Coins each, or as a bundle of 3 for 2,490 Cartel Coins.

Companion Gifts

Another way to gain Influence faster, is by showering your companions with gifts. Each companion want different kinds of gifts, and they love some gifts more than others. The higher the rank and rarity, the higher influence you gain per gift.

Helpful Tip: To increase how much influence you gain per gift, you can unlock the Character Perk called Legacy of Altruism that will increase the amount of Companion Influence gained from giving your companion gifts by up to 30%. It requires Legacy Level 8 and 90,000 Credits for all three tiers.

Unlocking Legacy of Promptness will reduce the time it take to give your companion a gift by 60%. It requires Legacy Level 8 and 1.2 mill Credits for all three tiers.

Many gifts are obtained by random drops from killing enemies and several Crew Skills missions, but they can also be purchased directly at specific vendors.
Besides being able to buy companion gifts on the GTN, you can purchase Rank 5 Prototype and Artifact gifts (Blue and Purple) from a "Companion Gifts Vendor" in the Galactic Trade Market area on the Fleet.

In the Cartel Bazaar on the Fleet you can purchase Rank 6 Delicacies and Maintenance gifts, mostly favoured by Droid and Creature Companions, using Jawa Scraps.

The most effective are the Rank 6 Legendary Companion Gifts that can be purchased from the Smuggled Supplies Vendor" at the Odessen Cantina. Each gift costs 250,000 Credits and give the highest amount of influence.

Helpful Tip: Remember you also get many Rank 5 and above Prototype, Artifact and Legendary companion gifts, when you hand in the Locked Supply Crates to your Odessen Advisors that you can earn through [Heroic Missions] at level 61 and above. This does require the Knights of the Fallen Empire Expansion.

Which Gifts Do Companions Prefer?

Here's a comprehensive list of all companions and the gifts they prefer to be given.


SWTOR Companions Sorted by Gifts Guide

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