SWTOR Tyrant of Taris Location Guide

This guide will help you locate all 3 Elite Targets on Imperial Taris that are part of the Tyrant of Taris achievement.

The Achievement can be found in your Legacy (Y) > Location > Taris > General.

#1 Jedi Master Berr Irichmin

The Nautolan Jedi Master Berr Irichmin is a Champion Opponent found guarding the cantina building in Olaris in the Republic Resettlement Zone.

#2 Maltok

The Nekghoul Maltok is a Champion Opponent found in a secluded alcove close to the Heroic Area in the north of the Republic Resettlement Zone.

#3 Reclamation Forerunner

The large Reclamation Forerunner droid is a Champion Opponent found hiding among the crumbling walls south of the Toxic Lake Garrison in The Brell Sediment.

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