SWTOR Monsters of Makeb Location Guide

This guide will help you locate all ten Elite Targets on Makeb that are part of the Monsters of Makeb achievement. Most of these are Champion Opponents, so I recommend bringing a friend along.

The Achievement can be found in your Legacy (Y) > Location > Makeb > General.

#1 Bilinguis

This Terror of the Talous Sewer named Bilinguis is a Champion Opponent located at the end of the water flow from the exposed sewer pipes you cross when trying to reach Talous City on the elevating container.

#2 CC-121

The CC-121 is a Champion Opponent located right at the entrance to the Brakan Mesa. As a Republic Player you travel from Avesta Plantation, east through The Fingers to Aboro Mesa, then go south, passing the Imperial Travel Point, over the Light-Bridge to Brakan Mesa.

#3 Grim Tooth

This Wold Boss-looking Rancor Grim Tooth is a Champion Opponent located at an opened cage in The Sanctuary.

#4 + #8 J'virgo N'yen & Nigh Kris

The Spy Master and his Assassin hired by Prodoranya named Nigh Kris and J'vergi N'yen are Champion Opponents located inside the Hesk Estate Guest House in the north-east of Solida Hesk's Estate.

#5 Ka'pkar

This Gharj wannabe Ka'pkar is a Champion Opponents located in the south-east chamber of the Volcanic Mesa.

#6 L'raak

The Archon's Savrip Scout L'raak and his companions Sterrin and Renak are Champion Opponents found patrolling The Spillway in the Cartel Mining Mesa. Only L'raak counts toward the Monsters of Makeb achievement, but his companions will come to his aid, once you attack.

#7 Master Suz-Anz

The Outcast Jedi Master Suz-Anz is a Champion Opponent found along with her companion Apprentice Lyla meditating in the Savage Bypass cave in Telemur Mesa.

#9 RG-L8R

The Regulator Annihilation Droid RG-L8R is a Champion Opponent located at the Occupied Fields in Westwater Settlements.

#10 Tumble Weed

The Makrin Tumble Weed is a non-combatant Champion Opponent, which means it won't attack you until you attack it. It is located in the Sunken Pool area of Frinn Mesa.

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