SWTOR Tyrant of Hoth Location Guide

This guide will help you locate all four Elite Targets on Hoth that are part of the Tyrant of Hoth achievement.

The Achievement can be found in your Legacy (Y) > Location > Hoth > General.

#1 Doota Mu Bacha

The Talz Doota Mu Bacha is a Champion Opponent found besie a shuttle south-west of Dorn Base in Icefall Plains.

#2 + #3 Jon Brygies & Stev Brygies

The bothers Jon & Stev Brygies are Champion Opponents located in the north-east of The Starship Graveyard south of the Heroic Area where you can find the Endurance Datacron.

#4 Xesh Squad Commander

The soldier Xesh Squad Commander is a Champion Opponent found in front of the sealed bunker in [Heroic Area] Abandoned Ortolan Outpost in Clabburn Tundra.

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