SWTOR Tyrant of Balmorra Location Guide

This guide will help you locate all five Elite Targets on Imperial Balmorra that are part of the Tyrant of Balmorra achievement.

The Achievement can be found in your Legacy (Y) > Location > Balmorra > General.

#1 Battle Droid C-11

You have to pick up an Exploration Mission called Calling All Droids just outside the Markaran Outpost in the Markaran Plains. You can only pick this mission up if you have toggled Show Exploration Missions in the lower left corner of your map above the Galaxy Map.

The final step of this mission will spawn the Elite Opponent Battle Droid C-11 you need to defeat.

#2 Captain Devsh

The Republic Soldier Captain Devsh is an Elite Opponent located in the shadows of a crashed ship west of Sundari Imperial Outpost in the Sundari Flatlands.

#3 Ferocious Swoopstriker

The Ferocious Swoopstriker is an Elite Opponent and can be found at the coast in the south-west of the Markaran Plains south of where the World Boss Grandfather is roaming.

#4 Resistance Mercenary Commander

The Resistance Mercenary Commander is an Elite Opponent located next to a shuttle north of the Sundari Imperial Outpost in Sundari Flatlands.

#5 Smuggler Phylo Daan

The Twi'lek Smuggler Phylo Daan is located below the two bridges leading to the Sundari Flatlands in the Barasin Refuse Yard in Gorinth Canyon. He is a Champion Opponent, so he is a bit tougher then the other Elite Targets on Imperial Balmorra.

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