SWTOR Republic Loremaster of Balmorra Location Guide

To complete the "Republic Loremaster of Balmorra" achievement you must find all six listed lore objects both hidden and obvious on Republic Balmorra. This written guide will show you where to locate each lore object.

The Achievement can be found in your Legacy (Y) > Location > Balmorra > Republic Exploration.

Listed in alphabetic order:

Balmorran Corporations

The Balmorran Corporations lore object (a terminal) is located at the far side of the Okara Droid Factory - Assembly Line, the same area as the Endurance Datacron. You can access the Okara Droid Factory from the Markaran Plains. (Same location as Imperial Loremaster of Balmorra)

The Codex Entry can be found in your Log (L) > Codex > Lore > Balmorran Corporations.

Prior to the Empire's invasion, Balmorra was one of the galaxy's leading independent industrial worlds. It maintained a close relationship with the Republic, but remained aloof of most galactic struggles due to the strength of its corporations--including Okara, Balmorran Arms and Traken Industries. As a leading weapons and droid manufacturer, Balmorra was a corporate-run oligarchic democracy, centered on the capital of Bin Prime.

The Empire took pains to leave the corporate hierarchies intact when the occupation began in an effort to smoothly transition back to full industrial production. Corporate executives who refused to cooperate were forcibly removed and replaced, and today's Balmorran corporations are puppets for the Empire--sometimes eager, often not.

Balmorran Pollution

The Balmorran Pollution lore object (scrap) is located in the [Heroic Area] Camp Traken-4 north of the Markaran Plains. (Same location as Imperial Loremaster of Balmorra, although the map name is different)

The Codex Entry can be found in your Log (L) > Codex > Lore > Balmorran Pollution.

As a thriving center of industry, Balmorra has never been a pollution-free planet and has grappled with the problem of waste produced by its many factories for many years. Still, unlike many of the similarly industrial Hutt worlds, Balmorra and its corporations have continually sought ways to safely dispose of its waste and keep the planet habitable.

For these reasons, facilities such as the Traken Waste Processing plant and the hazard vaults--a system of underground sealed storage facilities for toxic materials--were created. During the Imperial bombardment, however, many of these facilities were destroyed, releasing the toxic byproducts of Balmorran industry into the environment and destroying huge swathes of land.

Imperial Subjugation

The Imperial Subjugation lore object (a datapad) is located on a desk outside the Imperial Command Compound in the Markaran Plains.

The Codex Entry can be found in your Log (L) > Codex > Lore > Imperial Subjugation.

The Empire's long occupation of Balmorra has been marked by overt brutality against the citizenry and near-constant battles with resistance forces. Although the planet was conquered through ingenuity and highly original tactics, the subjugation of its people has followed standard Imperial doctrine: suspension of civil liberties, establishment of brutal prison camps and summary public executions of known rebels.

Where most worlds crumble into slave-like obedience after only a few months of such oppression, Balmorra's people refuse to surrender after years of suffering. The resistance has outlasted the predictions of both the Republic and Empire and survived multiple purges carried out by ambitious Moffs and sadistic Sith Lords. Indeed, the Empire's experience on Balmorra has forced it to re-evaluate its approach to conquest and dominance.

Republic Relations with Balmorra

The Republic Relations with Balmorra lore object (a munitions cache) is located on a shelf outside Farnel Outpost in Bugtown, next to NPC Private Bonne, Level 34 Modification Vendor.

The Codex Entry can be found in your Log (L) > Codex > Lore > Republic Relations with Balmorra.

The Republic government's relationship with Balmorra's people has been a complex, turbulent affair. Before Balmorra's conquest, the planet was a proudly independent trading partner of the Republic; when the war came to Balmorra's doorstep, the Republic offered troops and ships to help protect its ally.

But Republic protection wasn't enough. Balmorra was conquered, and after the Treaty of Coruscant the Republic officially withdrew its forces. For years afterward, small contingents of Republic troops left behind on the planet continued supporting the resistance in secret, but the Balmorran citizenry, as a whole, felt misused and abandoned.

A recent covert operation involving small groups of SIS agents, Jedi and military advisors ended in disaster when the Empire hunted down these interlopers and forced the Republic to once again abandon the oppressed citizenry. Now that the Republic military has fully committed its forces to the planet, the resistance fighters and their government-in-exile are understandably wary of fully embracing the alliance.

The Barrager

The The Barrager lore object can be obtained through the Story Arc: Balmorra that you pick up from Lieutenant Hollis in the Republic Orbital Station before you land on Balmorra.

The questline is fairly long, but you will be granted the Codex Entry after completing the Liberating Sobrik mission.

The Codex Entry can be found in your Log (L) > Codex > Lore > The Barrager.

One of the great conundrums facing modern war strategists is how to defend a planet from orbital bombardment without encircling it in a costly permanent defense fleet. Most major governments employ planetary shields as a countermeasure, but these offer no protection against dropships bearing armies whose first objective is to destroy shield generators.

The war technologists of Balmorra spent decades researching an offensive method of protecting their planet. The result is the Barrager superweapon, a series of planetary scale turbolasers that can target and destroy whole enemy fleets in orbit, neutralizing both bombardment vessels and landing parties in one fell swoop.

For years, the primary obstacle preventing completion of the Barrager was the enormous power costs associated with such a weapon. How its engineers overcame this dilemma is unknown, but at last report the weapon was nearly ready to go online.

The Invasion of Balmorra

The The Invasion of Balmorra lore object (a terminal) is located inside the Balmorran Arms Factory at the entrance. (Same location as Imperial Loremaster of Balmorra)

The Codex Entry can be found in your Log (L) > Codex > Lore > The Invasion of Balmorra.

The Empire launched a two-pronged attack on Balmorra during the war, believing Balmorra's weapons production facilities and proximity to the Core Worlds to be of great strategic importance. The first prong of the attack involved slicing and reprogramming the networked security systems that guarded the planet's factories, lab facilities and weaponry--in effect, turning Balmorra's defenses against itself.

The second prong was direct bombardment, aided by Balmorra's compromised orbital defense towers and satellites. This attack devastated the planet's primary military forces and central government, leaving a unified response nearly impossible.

Eventually, the Empire landed a full invasion force. By this time, the Republic had come to Balmorra's aid but was forced to abandon the planet with the Treaty of Coruscant--after which, the Imperial military declared victory and established its headquarters in Sobrik. The Balmorran resistance proved more wily than the Empire anticipated, however, and Balmorra's factories proved difficult to control, leading to a years-long morass in which the Empire is still mired.

Additional Lore Objects

These Lore Object does not count towards the Loremaster Achievement. They are simply providing more knowledge and a small amount of XP. They are purely optional.

Balmorran Resistance

The Balmorran Resistance lore object (a terminal) is located inside the Camp Shadow in Gorinth Canyon south of Moraine Outpost.

The Codex Entry can be found in your Log (L) > Codex > Organizations > Balmorran Resistance.

Balmorra's resistance fighters are more than patriotic guerilla warriors. People from all walks of life, from farmers and teachers to poets and musicians, risk everything to keep the dream of Balmorran freedom alive. Part of the Empire's lack of success rooting out these rebels is due to an inability to detect such nondescript enemies until it is too late.

Over the years, thousands of ordinary people have made the ultimate sacrifice for Balmorra, learning to hoist a blaster, training in burnt-out factories and toxic wastelands, and willingly dying to strike a blow against the hated Empire. To much of the citizenry, the resistance is made up of heroes--friends and neighbors who refused to suffer in silence. Other Balmorrans, however, wish the resistance would fade away, and believe it is past time to peacefully accept Imperial governance.

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