SWTOR Loremaster of Belsavis Location Guide

To complete the "Loremaster of Belsavis" achievement you must find all twelve listed lore objects both hidden and obvious on Belsavis. This written guide will show you where to locate each lore object.

The Achievement can be found in your Legacy (Y) > Location > Belsavis > Exploration.

Listed in alphabetic order:

Belsavis Automated Security

The Belsavis Automated Security lore object (a terminal) is located at a small building in the Terrorist Detention Sector in the north-west of Minimum Security Section, guarded by an Elite Inmate NPC.

The Codex Entry can be found in your Log (L) > Codex > Lore > Belsavis Automated Security.

Belsavis's automated security systems consist of a complex web of logic programs, identity databases, mechanical interfaces and emergency overrides. Computers control everything from coma gas ventilation to laser turrets to holocameras to energy field lockdowns, along with far more obscure technologies.

What makes Belsavis's security unusual is its distributed nature. Different sections of the prison and different types of responses are controlled by entirely separate computer systems. This ensures that damage or corruption to one system cannot compromise the entire prison, but it also makes untangling errors difficult at best.

Some of Belsavis's security systems are even tied into rumored alien technology in the deep levels of the prison; this allows them to access systems of unusual power, but also causes occasional eccentricities when outside protocols override modern programming. Usually, these eccentricities are harmless--a computer displays its interface in an unknown language, or indoor humidity rises uncomfortably--but the prison technicians fear that far worse is possible.

Belsavis Prison Break

The Belsavis Prison Break lore object (a crate) is located in the big open area of Carbonite Prisoner Storage in the south of Minimum Security Section.

The Codex Entry can be found in your Log (L) > Codex > Lore > Belsavis Prison Break.

The Empire's attack on Belsavis came as a complete surprise. So far as the Republic knew, the prison's location was an absolute secret--and even if the secret were exposed, the planet seemed unlikely to become a top-priority military target. In this, the strategists were mistaken.

The Empire began its attack by delivering a small team of Sith and elite soldiers onto the planet surface. Their first task was to free as many prisoners as possible and throw the prison into chaos. Some of the prisoners (including long-lost Imperial prisoners-of-war) allied with the Empire, while others joined the riots and attacked all parties. As the Republic scrambled to respond, the Empire established a makeshift base of operations on the surface and brought a mobile battle platform into orbit.

The Empire's position on Belsavis is precarious, but until the Republic can alter its focus from the prisoners to the invaders, the situation is unlikely to change.

Belsavis Prison Personnel

The Belsavis Prison Personal lore object (a datapad) is located on a crate in the courtyard of Larcenous Prisoner Holding in the south of Minimum Security Section.

The Codex Entry can be found in your Log (L) > Codex > Lore > Belsavis Prison Personnel.

The personnel who run the Belsavis prison come from a variety of backgrounds. Many are Republic military, but others are decorated members of planetary security forces or staff transfers from maximum security prisons elsewhere. All receive extensive training upon acceptance into the Belsavis forces, and are experts at riot control, siege tactics and asymmetrical combat. Some are also skilled interrogators, negotiators and psychologists.

Augmenting the staff is a veritable army of Republic security droids, including many built and maintained on Belsavis. The Belsavis warden droids are designed specifically for prison work, and can move through parts of Belsavis where no living guard is permitted.

Belsavis Vaults

The Belsavis Vaults lore object (a datapad) is located in a very large stone bowl inside Vault K-66. The entrance is in the south of Minimum Security Section.

The Codex Entry can be found in your Log (L) > Codex > Lore > Belsavis Vaults.

Scattered across the surface of Belsavis are ancient structures built from an unknown material, practically impervious to weapons and scanners. Engraved on the walls and doors of these structures are strange warnings in ancient languages, imploring anyone who finds the structures to stay away and not unseal their contents.

Republic science teams have opened a handful of these alien vaults, finding others broken open before their arrival. The vaults' contents are classified even to most prison personnel, but rumors suggest that they contain ancient weapons, machines and even living creatures--some perfectly preserved, others ruined. After several science teams were lost, further exploration was halted. Protection of the sealed vaults is one of the administration's top priorities.

A few vaults--seemingly empty and opened long ago--have been converted for use by the Republic as additional holding facilities or secure storage. In addition, stories persist among both the inmates and the low-level prison staff of much larger vaults of similar design in the prison's Maximum Security Section.

Esh-Kha Culture

The Esh-Kha Culture lore object (a datapad) is located on a small crate inside the Power Relay Vault in the Abandoned Rakata Machine Chamber. This is the Republic Travel point - Automated Checkpoint - in the furthest south of The Tomb.

The Codex Entry can be found in your Log (L) > Codex > Lore > Esh-Kha Culture.

To outsiders, the Esh-kha appear to be a savage and violent people, caring only about the destruction of all other species. In fact, the Esh-kha closely resemble a hive society. Although each individual has his own thoughts and aspirations, every Esh-kha is born in his place, bred for a role and eager to fulfill it. Their society is divided into castes: the Force-sensitive but simple-minded savants; the skilled, determined warriors, who are the most numerous and who watch over their savant brethren; and the patriarch, whose wisdom shapes the decisions of the Esh-kha as a whole.

The Esh-kha's hatred for all other sentient species may stem from their tightly-knit society; Esh-kha are simply unable to tolerate or adapt to the existence of thinking beings who are not Esh-kha. But this savagery only extends to outsiders. Esh-kha are only violent with each other under the most extreme circumstances.

Esh-kha are not named at birth, but earn their names through action. An Esh-kha who proves particularly cunning might become "Razor Mind" or "Water Thinker." This may partly explain the Esh-kha zeal in battle, as young warriors seek not only victory, but the opportunity to claim a name and forge their own identity.

History of Belsavis Prison

The History of Belsavis Prison lore object (a datapad) is located on the floor at the corner of a prison cell in Republic Prisoner Vault in Warlord's Deep, east of the Imperial Quick Travel Point, Signal Monitoring Center. If you are adamant on getting to this area as a Republic Player, you have to come in from the north.

The Codex Entry can be found in your Log (L) > Codex > Lore > History of Belsavis Prison.

Over twenty thousand years ago, the alien Rakata turned the jungle planet Belsavis into a prison. There, they entombed indescribable monsters, heretics and warlords, weapons to shatter stars, whole species... anything they feared or treasured above all reason. And when the Rakata's age of glory ended, the droids they left behind maintained the seals.

Many millennia later, after the rise of the Republic, Belsavis became known as an unremarkable planet in the middle of an ice age, populated by only a handful of primitives. It was only happenstance that caused Republic scouts to notice first the tropical rifts that defied the freezing temperatures, and then the strange vaults and the alien structures burrowing into the core of the planet.

Top-secret expeditions attempted to explore the alien vaults, until the extent of the dangers became apparent. At last, select Senators worked with the Strategic Information Service to construct Belsavis prison--a facility with two purposes. First, to guard, contain and study the terrible alien structures on the planet. And second, to create a prison for the Republic--one where the most powerful offenders could be placed within the Rakata's cells, and where lesser threats could be isolated on the most secure planet in the galaxy.

Mind Trap

The Mind Trap lore object (a datapad) is located at the edge of some rocks in the snow in front of a Released Primeval Gargantuan in the north of the Cells of the Lords of the Infinite (Imperial Class Story area) in The Tomb.

The Codex Entry can be found in your Log (L) > Codex > Lore > Mind Trap.

The ancient Rakata built mind traps as the ultimate prison. These strange devices leave the victim's body intact, but draw the psyche into an otherworldly "white room"--a virtual environment created by the mind trap's power. While inside the white room, the victim does not hunger or age, and his thoughts are not impaired--but he can have no contact with the outside world until another being accesses the device. It is entirely possible for the victim's body to die and the victim's psyche to suffer immortality inside a white, featureless void. Certain technologies allow a mind trap's victims to holographically project into the real world, though whether the Rakata intended this is a mystery.

During the height of the Infinite Empire, entrapment was reserved as a punishment for Rakata only. At other periods, however, other dangerous beings have been placed within the devices.

Primeval Beasts

The Primeval Beasts lore object (a bone pile) is located in the center of The Tomb behind a large elite Released Primeval Gargantuan.

The Codex Entry can be found in your Log (L) > Codex > Lore > Primeval Beasts.

The creatures imprisoned beneath Belsavis defy easy classification. Many resemble animals found elsewhere in the galaxy, but possess traits that make them far more dangerous than their "ordinary" counterparts. Republic scientists theorize many were enhanced through direct genetic alteration, but such techniques go far beyond current science.

Although most of the creatures in the prison have been kept in stasis through the centuries, a few sealed cell blocks hold surviving colonies that have bred over generations, feeding on supplies delivered by caretaker droids or on one another. Strangest of all, a handful of alien etchings refer to creatures living outside of stasis but without need of food or water, raging and awaiting their chance at escape.

Rakata Technology

The Rakata Technology lore object (a datapad) is located at the foot of a Rakata Pylon inside the [Heroic Area] Rakata Machine Caves that is part of a Republic Heroic Missions named [Heroic 2+] The Stasis Generator in the Frozecavern Canyon in the north-east of The Tomb. There is an entire group of enemy Esh-Kha located in front of the Lore Object that can't be avoided.

The Codex Entry can be found in your Log (L) > Codex > Lore > Rakata Technology.

The ancient Rakata combined proficiency with the Force with a mastery of technology and bioengineering. Massive weapons of war--such as the Star Forge, a space station powered by the dark side and capable of manufacturing whole fleets--were among their largest-scale achievements, but not every Rakata creation was so grandiose.

Rakata mind traps are capable of containing the psyche of an individual in a virtual environment. Creatures bred and enhanced by Rakata life-shapers can survive both hard vacuum and baradium explosives. Rakata droids possess weaponry capable of breaking apart most forms of matter at the atomic level.

Rakata relics--even nonfunctional ones--are desperate sought after by those few scientists and archaeologists aware of their existence. Urban legends among smuggling rings tell of ancient devices that wreak havoc on their owners, and both Imperial Intelligence and the Strategic Information Service monitor these rumors with interest. One stray Rakata artifact can change the course of history.

The Domination Experiments

The Domination Experiments lore object (a munitions cache) is located in the Republic Watchtower outpost, in a room up on the battlements behind two NPC's named Senator Tudos and Colonel Hauer.

You can get to this as an Imperial Player unscathed, by running around the outpost to the north, follow the snowy path and jump onto the battlement. There aren't any enemy NPC's in or outside the room, but be sure to avoid the Champion Prison Lockdown Droids that are patrolling the battlements.

The Codex Entry can be found in your Log (L) > Codex > Lore > The Domination Experiments.

Code-named "Project Noble Focus," the domination experiments are one of the Republic's darkest and best-kept secrets. Instituted by Senator Tudos, the project's purpose is to analyze the military capabilities of countless alien species by pitting prisoners against each other in closely monitored combat scenarios. Aliens are divided into test groups, armed and equipped appropriate to their species, and forced to battle. Winners receive better supplies and better treatment--temporarily.

Although only a select few in the Republic's political and military echelons are aware of the project's existence, the project has come to involve several dozen personnel on Belsavis. Most of the prison staff members are unaware of the experiments, but authorized higher-ups along with the scientists and guards who maintain the project have, apparently, managed to silence their consciences.

The Infinite Empire

The Infinite Empire lore object can only be obtained by a Republic Player by completing the Side Quest Sleeping Rakata that you pick up from Monitoring Station Console (the left one) at Oasis Republic Post in Ancient Stasis Zone in the north of The Tomb. In order to be able to pick this mission up, be sure to have Exploration Missions enabled in the World Map (M).

Follow the Quest to the end. You will be given the Codex Entry after completing your final conversation.

The Codex Entry can be found in your Log (L) > Codex > Lore > The Infinite Empire.

Over twenty thousand years ago, the Rakata ruled an empire hundreds of worlds strong. They enslaved armies of lesser beings, but slavery and war were only incidental to the Rakata way of life. Their Infinite Empire was built on the promise that the Rakata could reshape existence to suit themselves--they would warp space, peer through time, create and destroy species at a whim. To humanoid minds, the Rakata of old were mad hedonists and philosophers without conscience.

For all their arrogance and their eventual fall (and they did fall, in time, when their power mysteriously faded and their slaves revolted en masse), the Rakata were supreme at their peak. They effortlessly merged their strength in the Force with technological genius, creating nightmarish and brilliant devices. Their achievements may never be matched; perhaps this is for the best.

The World Razer

The World Razer lore object can only be obtained by a Republic Player through the Story Arc: Belsavis. Luckily you don't have to do the entire Story Arc, you can pick up the final bit of the arc from General Skylast at the Republic Command Center in Maximum Security Section.

Follow the questline all the way to the end, where you can again speak to General Skylast. You will be given the Codex Entry after completing your final conversation to The World Razer mission.

The Codex Entry can be found in your Log (L) > Codex > Lore > The World Razer.

Almost nothing is known of the ancient being known as the World Razer. No one has seen or spoken to the creature for thousands of years; the Rakata's cryptic warnings suggest the World Razer is Belsavis's oldest prisoner, and that the prison was first constructed to hold the terrible entity whose hunger consumed a thousand worlds.

According to the Rakata inscriptions in the Tomb, it took the combined might of the Infinite Empire to subdue the World Razer, and an entire planet to contain its fury. If such a creature were ever released, its rage might very well shatter the galaxy.

Additional Lore Objects

These Lore Object does not count towards the Loremaster Achievement. They are simply providing more knowledge and a small amount of XP. They are purely optional.

Belsavis Prisoner

The Belsavis Prisoner lore object (a corpse) is located in the courtyard of Terrorist Detention Sector in the north-west of Minimum Security Section.

The Codex Entry can be found in your Log (L) > Codex > Organizations > Belsavis Prisoner.

Prisoners are sentenced to Belsavis for two reasons: they are too dangerous or too difficult to imprison anywhere else. In the former category are some of the most treacherous beings in the galaxy--master assassins, hardened pirates, war criminals, slavers, Sith Lords and others.

The second category is broader--Belsavis contains escape artists, slicers and shapechangers whose crimes are relatively minor compared to the destructive madmen who dwell alongside them. Gang leaders and syndicate leaders can fall into this category as well, placed in Belsavis to isolate them from their web of criminal contacts.

The prison administration attempts to separate prisoners of like affiliation--members of a single gang, for example, are often divided among multiple cell blocks--but prisoners not in isolation quickly form their own alliances inside Belsavis. Murder and assault are common inside the prison, and for many, protection comes in numbers.

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