SWTOR Loremaster of Makeb Location Guide

To complete the "Loremaster of Makeb" achievement you must find all thirteen listed lore objects both hidden and obvious on Makeb. Be prepared that a lot of the Codex Entries are granted through mission completion. This written guide will show you where to locate each lore object.

The Achievement can be found in your Legacy (Y) > Location > Makeb > Exploration.

Listed in alphabetic order:

Alien Initiatives

The Alien Initiatives lore object can be obtained as an Imperial Player by accepting the quest from Captain Hanthor who is located next to the Quick Travel at Gravity Hook Seven - Loading Ring after you have reached the Makeb Main Quest A World Aflame.

The Codex Entry can be found in your Log (L) > Codex > Lore > Alien Initiatives.

The rebellion of Malgus the Betrayer struck a decisive blow to the Imperial war effort, weakening the Empire's offensive and shattering its united front. Alien factions that flocked to Malgus's banner would forever be judged for their disloyalty. But in a time of turmoil, those species that remained faithful were rewarded.

Against the protests of its more conservative leaders--including heated objections from Grand Moff Regus--the Empire began a concerted effort to integrate its most devoted alien subjects into the military. Only by increasing its numbers with alien stock could the Empire survive the raging conflict against the Republic.

The new alien recruits face down prejudice and competition to prove their worth and secure power within the evolving Empire. Cathar clans have vaulted to prominence, while Kaleesh tribes and countless other species pledge their support to the Imperial fight. Fueled by these brave and committed alien warriors, the Empire rallies its strength and marches into a new era.

Atmosphere of Makeb

The Atmosphere of Makeb lore object (a plaque) is located both in Makeb : Imperial Orbital Station (Empire) and Makeb : Republic Orbital Station (Republic).
The Imperial Only lore object is located next to a console with a hologram of a Devaronian in the Hangar, behind the Shuttle Pilot who's taking you to down to Makeb.

The Republic Only lore object is located to the right at at the hangar bay door before you go speak to the Shuttle Pilot who will take you down to Makeb.

The Codex Entry can be found in your Log (L) > Codex > Lore > Atmosphere of Makeb.

Makeb's wealthy citizens have spent millions of credits trying to solve the problem of the planet's peculiar atmospheric conditions. High levels of electromagnetic interference in Makeb's upper atmosphere wreak havoc on communications and destroy any ship much larger than a personal shuttle. The interference was responsible for the original transport crash that brought Makeb's settlers to the planet. It also rendered the transport's communications equipment useless, cutting off Makeb from the rest of the galaxy.

Although Makeb engineers eventually devised a reliable communication system that compensates for the interference, traveling through the atmosphere is still incredibly dangerous. In the early days of Makeb's colonization, daredevil pilots calling themselves the Lightning Runners built specialized fliers from salvage and attempted to navigate the skies. While many died, the data they gathered eventually showed patterns in the interference, which modern Makeb shuttle pilots exploit to safely transport passengers and cargo in small quantities.

Disaster on Makeb

The Disaster on Makeb lore object is obtained through the Main Storyline for both factions.
The Imperial codex entry is granted upon completion of the quest Descent into the Core at the Drill Observation Ring.

The Republic codex entry is granted upon completion of the quest Shelter From The Storm at the Avesta Plantation Office.

The Codex Entry can be found in your Log (L) > Codex > Lore > Disaster on Makeb.

Makeb has always suffered from periodic groundquakes--notable given that the planet's population lives on high, isolated mesas--but recently the quakes have been more frequent, causing severe damage to Makeb's cities. The cause, as has now been discovered, is the Hutts' aggressive deep-core mining operations.

Projections show that, barring a miracle, the groundquakes will increase in severity, collapsing the mesas and causing volcanic eruptions. Strange fluctuations in Makeb's gravitational and electromagnetic fields are occurring as well. If present trends continue, violent storms will wrack the planet, and its gravity will become too weak to retain an atmosphere at all.

If Makeb's crust survives, the planet will be left barren and lifeless; if not, nothing will be left of Makeb but floating debris. Without a swift and thorough evacuation, Makeb will suffer one of the worst humanitarian crises in galactic history.

Gravity Hooks

The Gravity Hooks lore object (a plaque) is an Imperial Only codex entry and is located to your right as you exit the elevator when you arrive at Gravity Hook Seven the first time.

The Codex Entry can be found in your Log (L) > Codex > Lore > Gravity Hooks.

Due to Makeb's dangerous atmospheric conditions, moving passengers and goods to and from the planet's surface can be hazardous if not disastrous. Hoping to circumvent the danger, Makeb's mining corporations constructed the gravity hooks: orbital stations connected to the surface by tremendously long turbolift shafts and repulsorlifts.

Although the project succeeded in creating a safe alternative for moving cargo on- and offworld, the gravity hooks' low transit speed, meager carrying capacity and high energy costs have limited their use to industrial purposes. Many of the gravity hooks have fallen into disuse in recent years, especially as starship modifications that reduce the danger of atmospheric flight become more widely available.

History of Makeb

The History of Makeb lore object (a plaque) is located both at Gravity Hook Seven (Empire) and Avesta Plantation (Republic).
The Imperial Only lore object is located south of the elevator alongside the outer wall of Gravity Hook Seven.

The Republic Only lore object is located up the stairs to the left as you've landed on Makeb, before reporting in with Shalim Avesta in his office, in between two well trimmed trees.

The Codex Entry can be found in your Log (L) > Codex > Lore > History of Makeb.

Located off major hyperspace routes, Makeb went unnoticed until the Mandalorian Wars, when a damaged transport ship carrying Republic refugees--including wealthy businessmen fleeing raiders--crash-landed there. Led by magnate Semako Thalien, the survivors built settlements and re-established contact with the galaxy. Rich mineral deposits in Makeb's mesas, combined with the settlers' credits and influence, made it an immensely profitable world within fifty years.

Makeb's wealth and independence from the Republic attracted corporate leaders, rich tourists and banking enterprises, and luxury resorts quickly became commonplace. The Hutt Cartel took notice of a new economic power and attempted to invest its own resources, but was rebuffed by Makeb's business consortiums. Nevertheless, individual Hutts persisted in working their way into Makeb society, laying the groundwork for conquest.

During the war between the Empire and the Republic, Makeb stubbornly retained its independence. Rumors claim that a vast deposit of minerals was discovered soon after the Treaty of Coruscant, but details are surprisingly scarce.


The Isotope-5 lore object is an Imperial Only codex entry and will be obtained upon completing your initial quest to the Makeb Storyline by talking to R-C92 on the Makeb: Imperial Orbital Station. You most likely will not see the pop-up window, but it will be stated in your Chat logs.

The Codex Entry can be found in your Log (L) > Codex > Lore > Isotope-5.

A mineral unknown in the rest of the galaxy, isotope-5 was secretly discovered during Hutt-backed deep-core mining operations on the planet Makeb. Named for the fifth known isotopic variation of an element normally found in neutron stars, isotope-5 has powerful warping effects on gravitational and electromagnetic fields even in miniscule quantities.

Early research into isotope-5's potential as an energy source is extraordinarily promising. The substance is relatively stable, and particle bombardment could theoretically induce a desired state in the isotope to channel various forms of energy.

Best estimates put the total amount of isotope-5 in Makeb's core at less than two tonnes. Nonetheless, it is highly likely that Makeb's atmospheric interference and unusual mesa formations are a result of the isotope's presence.

The existence of isotope-5 is highly classified. Only select Imperial personnel, high-ranking Hutt Cartel members and Makeb natives directly involved with its mining are believed to be aware of its existence.

Makeb's Mysterious Survival

The Makeb's Mysterious Survival lore object is a Republic Only codex entry and will be obtained upon completion of your first [Weekly] Daily Area: Makeb. You can pick up the Daily missions, including the Weekly, at the Republic Mission Terminal on the Makeb: Republic Orbital Station.

The Codex Entry can be found in your Log (L) > Codex > Lore > Makeb's Mysterious Survival.

As Republic forces rocketed away from Makeb with millions of refugees, one thing was certain: the planet was doomed to total destruction. In the aftermath, however, it appears that Makeb's groundquakes and volcanic eruptions have drastically subsided. Against all odds, the planet has stabilized and remains capable of supporting life... for now, at least.

The exact cause of Makeb's abrupt recovery may never be known, but the planet's continued existence makes it hotly-contested territory in the war between Republic and Empire. Before either faction can claim the world, they will first have to defeat the Hutt's mercenary soldiers, who were left to die by their former masters and now claim the world as their own. With its vast mineral resources and abandoned wealth up for grabs, Makeb is a valuable prize worth fighting over.

Mining on Makeb

The Mining on Makeb lore object (a plaque) is located both in Communications Bunker 31 (Republic) and Communications Bunker 33 (Empire) at the opposite ends of Cartel Mining Mesa. Both of the bunkers are behind you as you land at the travel point.

The Codex Entry can be found in your Log (L) > Codex > Lore > Mining on Makeb.

Since Makeb's initial settlement, the mining industry has been at the heart of life on the planet. When valuable minerals were discovered in Makeb's mesas, the first settlers--stranded and unable to communicate with the Republic--were forced to improvise mining tools to extract them. Some wealthy citizens like to boast that their ancestors dug up fortunes with their bare hands.

Today, Makeb's miners use huge laser drills to reach valuable minerals deep beneath the surface. Once the laser has bored a shaft, a gravity funnel draws the resulting material up to the mining station. Automated systems inside the station sift the ore and begin the initial stages of processing.

Since Makeb's mines often bore into the heart of the planet or take advantage of existing volcanic vents, the operators have developed sophisticated heat-shielding technology. Marketing these shields has been almost as lucrative as the mining itself.

Operational Briefing: Makeb Strike Team

The Operational Briefing: Makeb Strike Team lore object is an Imperial Only codex entry and is obtained by completion of the quest To Pierce the Heavens (part of the Makeb Storyline) after you defeated Commander J'Ruush and met Katha Niar and Lord Cytharat in the Gravity Hook Seven - Docking Ring.

The Codex Entry can be found in your Log (L) > Codex > Lore > Operational Briefing: Makeb Strike Team.

Mission Type: Acquisition and Exfiltration
Operational Zone: Makeb
Prepared for: Darth Marr
Distribution List: Classified

Strike team is charged with procuring Makeb's isotope-5 stockpile under outside command. By request of Darth Marr, primary qualifications for strike team members include high loyalty levels and a psychological state amenable to a suicide mission.

Team member specializations include communications, coordination, observation and stealth. Can be augmented with scientific expertise should the mission requirements change.

Katha Niar (Ministry of Logistics) and Lord Cytharat (on temporary release from Korriban jails) will act in secondary leadership roles. Niar's recent work with the Imperial Army has resulted in highly successful operations (but note high casualty rates). Profiling suggests that Cytharat's desire for redemption is genuine, and he will ably protect his team.

Should mission prove successful, survivors may be reassigned together for future operations.

State of the War: Imperial Retrenchment

The State of the War: Imperial Retrenchment lore object is a Republic Only codex entry and is obtained by completing your initial quest to the Makeb Storyline by talking to ZAN-3L0 aboard the Makeb: Republic Orbital Station.

The Codex Entry can be found in your Log (L) > Codex > Lore > State of the War: Imperial Retrenchment.

The tide has turned in the battle for galactic control between the Republic and the Empire. Weakened by Sith infighting and a rebellion staged by Darth Malgus, the Empire stares down a unified Republic front and the possibility of defeat. Commanded by leaders such as Darth Marr, Imperial forces have withdrawn from many areas of conflicted space and loosened their grip on outlying worlds in a strategic move to shore up defenses, regroup and prepare for retaliation.

As the Empire stages its tactical retreat, the heartened Republic presses its advantage. United under the leadership of Supreme Chancellor Saresh, Republic forces rally and unleash bold new tactics against the shaken Empire. But a Republic victory is far from assured. The Empire's will to survive is unassailable, and it will stop at nothing to combat the Republic's aggressions and conquer the galaxy.

The Ark

The Ark lore object is a Republic Only codex entry and is obtained by completing the quest The Ark (part of the Makeb Storyline) at the Giant Spear and return to Shalim Avesta in Avesta Plantation Office.

The Codex Entry can be found in your Log (L) > Codex > Lore > The Ark.

Hidden within the Giant's Spear mesa is the answer to surviving the devastation of Makeb: a gigantic starship with vast holds that could contain millions of people, known as the Ark. The Ark project has suffered from delays and mismanagement thanks to its corrupt foreman, Veedrig, and is still not quite spaceworthy.

Although the Ark seems enormous while it is empty, transporting millions of frightened refugees to safety will be a logistical nightmare. Bringing basic food, water and medical supplies will necessitate packing people like cargo. Nevertheless, with no options left, transports and caravans are already being sent to evacuate Makeb's residential districts and bring people to the Ark.

The Hutt Cartel Alliance

The Hutt Cartel Alliance lore object is a Republic Only codex entry and is obtained by completing the quest Taking on Toborro, the final conversation in the Makeb Storyline, where you return to talk to ZAN-3L0 aboard the Makeb: Republic Orbital Station.

The Codex Entry can be found in your Log (L) > Codex > Lore > The Hutt Cartel Alliance.

The Hutt Cartel's wealthiest and most influential leaders were abandoned to die with the planet Makeb when their paranoid ally Toborro accused them of plotting behind his back. To save themselves, these Hutts signed a binding treaty that made them official Republic allies. The Hutt Cartel is now obligated to lend its considerable resources to the Republic's cause.

This alliance has been met with skepticism and outright hostility by the Cartel's lesser members, none of whom were endangered by events on Makeb and therefore had no reason to accept the treaty's terms. How these rancorous Cartel members will respond to Republic demands remains to be seen. In the meantime, the famous Hutt scientist Doctor Oggurobb now works as an official liaison between the Republic and Cartel leaders--a position he finds annoying in the extreme.

The Hutt Conquest of Makeb

The Hutt Conquest of Makeb lore object (a datapad) is located both near Solida Hesk's Estate (Empire) and Talaos City (Republic).
The Imperial Only lore object is located on a crate behind the wounded Champion Imperial Special Unit and the Imperial Medical Droid.

The Republic Only lore object is located on the table surrounded by Ex-Regulator Task Forces.

The Codex Entry can be found in your Log (L) > Codex > Lore > The Hutt Conquest of Makeb.

As a rich, independent world, Makeb has always had an irresistible lure for the Hutt Cartel. Eventually, a consortium led by the powerful Toborro the Hutt laid plans to seize control of the planet's mineral wealth. A terrible groundquake that leveled one of Makeb's cities gave the Hutt Cartel its chance.

In the confusion, the Hutts brought a fleet to Makeb. Once the ships arrived, Makeb's mercenary forces--having been secretly paid off by the Hutt Cartel--rose up and turned against Makeb's citizens. The mercenaries took over the government's buildings and helped select Hutt forces land. Although mining operations and businesses still run as normal, the Hutts have the hold on Makeb they have wanted for years.

Additional Lore Objects

These Lore Object does not count towards the Loremaster Achievement. They are simply providing more knowledge and a small amount of XP. They are purely optional.

The Avesta Family

The Avesta Family lore object (a plaque) is located at the entrance to Pollus Avesta's estate in Westwater Settlements, to the Imperial story instance for the quest A World Aflame.

The Codex Entry can be found in your Log (L) > Codex > Persons of Note > The Avesta Family.

The Avesta family legacy stretches back to Makeb's founding centuries ago, when a refugee starship crash-landed on the planet. The earliest Avestas were hardy merchant explorers who established a series of profitable settlements across their new homeworld. Eventually, the family created the Avesta Mining Corporation and led Makeb's Business Council in negotiating successful trade partnerships with the Republic and Hutt Cartel.

When the InterStellar Regulators' mercenaries betrayed Makeb's leaders and aided the Hutt Cartel's takeover, most of the Avesta family evacuated offworld. A handful remained to resist the Hutts: Shalim Avesta organizes a rebellion and enlists the Republic's aid, while his younger brother Pollus actively leads armed fighters to retake key positions. Their niece, stridently anti-mining geophysicist Lemda Avesta, had been a family embarrassment until this crisis made her knowledge invaluable to discovering the source of Makeb's groundquakes.

The InterStellar Regulators

The InterStellar Regulators lore object (a flag) is located both in Gravity Hook Seven and in Frinn Mesa.
The lore object in Gravity Hook Seven is located near an InterStellar Regulator camp at the base of the Gravity Hook Seven Docking Ring and is by far easiest to get for Imperial Players.

The lore object in Frinn Mesa is also located at an InterStellar Regulator camp north of the Travel Point and is easiest to get for Republic Players.

The Codex Entry can be found in your Log (L) > Codex > Organizations > The InterStellar Regulators.

Ex-soldiers, police and spies from across the galaxy, the InterStellar Regulators are second only to certain Mandalorian clans as one of the most successful and best-equipped mercenary groups in business today. The Regulators, as they are more commonly known, have conducted successful military operations on dozens of neutral worlds. They accepted an exclusive contract ten years ago to provide planet-wide security services for Makeb.

The Hutt Cartel's leaders bribed several high-ranking Regulators to betray Makeb's rightful government and help the Hutts stage a coup. Many rank-and-file Regulators refused to accept the buyout offer, but were either shot by their corrupt comrades or forced to flee the planet. Once respected and trusted by Makeb's people, the Regulators are now regarded as thugs for hire.

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