SWTOR Loremaster of Voss Location Guide

To complete the "Loremaster of Voss" achievement you must find all five listed lore objects both hidden and obvious on Voss. This written guide will show you where to locate each lore object.

The Achievement can be found in your Legacy (Y) > Location > Voss > Exploration.

Listed in alphabetic order:

Gormak and Voss Origins

The Gormak and Voss Origins lore object (a datapad) is located next to a munition cache and surrounded by Gormak forces south-east of Outpost Overseer (Imperial) in The Pelath-Ri Marches.

The Codex Entry can be found in your Log (L) > Codex > Lore > Gormak and Voss Origins.

In the beginning, the Gormak were the only species on Voss--semisentient humanoids marked with a strong, though undeveloped, affinity for the Force. However, the history of the Gormak was forever altered several thousand years ago when they were discovered and enslaved by a small group of Sith.

A minor Jedi contingent of explorers arrived soon after. Bowing to pressure from a group of Gormak elders who had escaped the Sith, the Jedi taught a handful of the tribes the ways of the Force. They had no way of knowing that doing so would alter the path of their natural evolution so that they underwent profound physical and mental changes over the next several generations. The creatures ceased to be Gormak and became something else entirely--the Voss.

The Jedi preached temperance and defense but the newly formed Voss immediately attacked the Sith who still lurked among the Gormak primitives. The Voss destroyed the Sith, but in the process they were touched by the dark side, further altering their radically sensitive evolutionary path. Later the small group of Jedi explorers disappeared, having gone home or dying to accident or Voss aggression. Whatever the case, the strange happenings on Voss were never recorded in any archive.

Ascending to the top of Voss's tallest peak, the new species turned to its most powerful Force-users for leadership. Myths about their origins began as the newly ordained "Mystics" tried to explain what had happened and eventually it was believed that the Voss had simply always been. In time this myth became the accepted truth, until even the Mystics themselves forgot the real origins of their people.

Mystic Visions

The Mystic Visions lore object (a datapada) is located behind the Medical Droid near the entrance to the Shrine of Healing in The Old Paths.

The Codex Entry can be found in your Log (L) > Codex > Lore > Mystic Visions.

For the Voss, a Mystic's vision is a rare and solemn event. While visions are always believed to serve the greater good of the Voss people, in the short term they can mean great upheaval and suffering. Following the visions of their Mystics, the Voss have waged bloody war on one another, torn down and rebuilt half of Voss-Ka and spent centuries digging underground in search of sacred crystals--but experience has shown that those who ignore visions do so at their peril. The predictions of the Mystics have never been wrong.

For these reasons, a Mystic's vision is treated with great care. No Mystic determines himself how the Voss act upon his vision; instead, the vision is described to the experienced interpreters at the Tower of Prophecy. The interpreters debate its meaning and meditate before they present their analysis, and the Three--or another to whom the vision is directed--act on the interpretation, confident in the knowledge that whatever action is necessary, it is ultimately for the benefit of all Voss.

The Imperial Attack on Voss

The Imperial Attack on Voss lore object (a datapad) is located behind Darth Serevin's ambassadorial building at the Alien Enclave Market in Voss-Ka.

The Codex Entry can be found in your Log (L) > Codex > Lore > The Imperial Attack on Voss.

When the Empire first learned of Voss--a primitive world with powerful Force-sensitive Mystics--it was quickly marked for conquest. "Ambassadors" sent to the capital reported that Voss-Ka appeared wholly undefended. Soon after, the Imperial General Khypes arrived with a battle cruiser and several army divisions to demand that the Voss surrender.

Before any official communication could be sent to the Voss government, Khypes's battle cruiser exploded. Its escorts were destroyed moments later, whether caught in the cruiser's blast or eliminated through other means. The invasion was over before it had begun.

In the hours that followed, both Imperial and Republic forces scrambled to determine what had happened. No trace of an energy discharge was found, suggesting planetary defenses were not involved. The Empire suspected Republic sabotage or secret Voss weapons. The Republic theorized that the destruction was the result of Sith infighting. The Voss called it destiny.

Regardless, the Empire realized it had underestimated the Voss and hastily recalled its forces, claiming General Khypes was a rogue acting without orders. Soon, the Empire began to attempt more diplomatic overtures to the Voss people.

The Pilgrimage to the Shrine of Healing

The Pilgrimage to the Shrine of Healing lore object (a datapad) is located on the floor in a small tent next to Fadith-Ki, the imperial Story Arc: Voss quest giver, at Pilgrim Retreat in The Old Paths.

The Codex Entry can be found in your Log (L) > Codex > Lore > The Pilgrimage to the Shrine of Healing.

Tales of the miraculous powers possessed by the Mystics at the Shrine of Healing have spread across the galaxy, and many offworlders have flocked to Voss in the hopes of being cured of their various ailments and afflictions. Before they can petition the healers, however, those seeking aid must embark on a dangerous and arduous pilgrimage to the shrine's remote location.

This journey is more than merely symbolic. Facing the trials of the pilgrimage purifies the spirit of the petitioner--an essential requirement, the Voss say, for those seeking aid. Voss healing rituals disperse an affliction across multiple individuals, diluting it until it no longer has any ill effects. If the ritual is performed on one who has not been purified, the Mystics believe there is a chance the malady will instead infect all involved in the ritual, making the necessity of the pilgrimage readily apparent.

The Three

The Three lore object (a datapad) is located on the second bench on the right side of the entrance to the Tower of Prophecy in Voss-Ka.

The Codex Entry can be found in your Log (L) > Codex > Lore > The Three.

Many outsiders believe that the Voss are directly governed by their Mystics; an understandable mistake, given the Mystics' importance. In fact, the Mystics' visions are first interpreted, then conveyed to the Three--the secular governing body based in Voss-Ka, who base their executive orders upon the visions' interpretations.

The Three are chosen by Mystics after meditation or according to visions, but have little direct contact with the Mystics on a day-to-day basis. Working from the Tower of Prophecy, the Three administer Voss-Ka, make policy decisions and coordinate the endless war against the Gormak.

Depending on the advice of the Mystics, appointment to the Three can last a lifetime or just hours. The current members of the Three are the calm, authoritative Sonn-Vi; Gunta-Mer, who was chosen by the Mystics only weeks ago; and Nen-Ji, the longest-serving member, who has been part of the Three since childhood.

Additional Lore Objects

These Lore Object does not count towards the Loremaster Achievement. They are simply providing more knowledge and a small amount of XP. They are purely optional.


The Gormak lore object (a tree) is located south of The King's Cannon in The Gormak Lands in between two Gormaks.

The Codex Entry can be found in your Log (L) > Codex > Species > Gormak.

An aggressive species of humanoids found exclusively on the world of Voss, the Gormak have an amazing ability to comprehend highly advanced technology and adapt it to their specific needs. From bits of scavenged electronics and discarded equipment, they can construct tools, machinery... even deadly weapons and cybernetic implants.

Aside from their affinity for technology, the Gormak's most notable feature is their hatred of the Voss species. The Gormak view the Voss as abominations that must be purged from their homeworld, and they are quick to extend this animosity to newcomers from the Republic and the Empire--like the Voss, these newcomers are all "outsiders."

The Gormak population is estimated to be in the millions, spread across the planet, but so far their tribal, warlike nature has kept them from uniting against the Voss. Yet over the centuries, the Voss have had to constantly fight against the Gormak to survive--and developed a hatred just as strong as the Gormak's.

Gormak Shamans

The Gormak Shamans lore object (a datapad) is located next to a tree stump near the entrance to a Gormak Bunker in the south of The Gormak Lands.

The Codex Entry can be found in your Log (L) > Codex > Organizations > Gormak Shamans.

All Gormak possess a natural affinity for technology, but those who are particularly adept often assume the role of shaman--a position of great respect and responsibility within each tribe. Like their kin, the shamans are fierce warriors driven by the desire to purge their homeworld of both the Voss and outsiders, and much of their knowledge and expertise is focused on devising better ways to kill the enemies of the tribe.

Other Gormak also look to these techno-priests for leadership and guidance--not just in matters of technology, but in their daily lives. In return, a shaman works tirelessly to maximize the value of any and all equipment collected by the tribe, transforming broken junk into tools and machinery to improve the quality of life for the entire group.


The Mystics lore object (a datapad) is located on in a corner on the floor on the ground floor of the Tower of Prophecy in Voss-Ka.

The Codex Entry can be found in your Log (L) > Codex > Organizations > Mystics.

No Voss are more revered than the Force-sensitive Mystics. Individuals with extraordinary gifts of healing and prophecy, Mystics most often live in seclusion, using their talents to guide their people.

Mystic visionaries experience prophetic visions, which are carefully studied by interpreters at the Tower of Prophecy before being passed on to the ruling Three; it is said that no Mystic's vision has failed to come true, giving immense weight to any statement by a Mystic visionary. At the Shrine of Healing, Mystic healers use intense meditation and rituals to cure their patients, often of ailments that resist any other treatment.

Becoming a Mystic is a difficult path. After years of training, the most promising potential Mystics go on a pilgrimage across Voss, visiting holy sites in the dangerous Gormak lands and learning from their elders. Even then, not all potentials succeed. The very few who come into their full power as Mystics return triumphantly to Voss-Ka to be recognized by the Three.


The Voss lore object (a crate) is located both at the Republic District and the Alien Enclave Market in Voss-Ka.

The Codex Entry can be found in your Log (L) > Codex > Species > Voss.

The Voss are a newly discovered humanoid species with a strong affinity for the Force--though they don't recognize it as the Force. Confined to a single city, Voss-Ka, on their homeworld, they possessed a pre-spaceflight level of technology until their recent discovery by the Republic and the Empire. Today, they have begun integrating outsider advances into their own culture, but remain isolated and backward compared to the rest of the galaxy.

Voss society is difficult for outsiders to comprehend, as they are guided in everything they do by the infallible visions of their Force-using Mystics. This unwavering obedience is often misinterpreted as a stoic fatalism or a lack of emotion, but beneath their reserved words and placid exterior the Voss are a passionate and devoted people.

The Voss share their world with the far larger Gormak population, and considered the tribal Gormak to be little more than beasts. While the Voss readily acknowledge the threat the Gormak represent to their society and constantly war against them, there is never any consideration given to wiping them out entirely--as Mystic law clearly states that the last Gormak must never die.

Voss Commandos

The Voss Commandos lore object (a crate) is located next to a console inside The King's Hall underneath the Gormak Cannon in The Gormak Lands.

The Codex Entry can be found in your Log (L) > Codex > Organizations > Voss Commandos.

There is no real distinction between the Voss people and their armed forces. As the Voss are a small, isolated population surrounded by millions of belligerent Gormak, a term of military service as a Voss commando is mandatory for all adults. The commandos defend Voss-Ka and its people against the endless Gormak hordes and act as the city's arbiters for minor disputes. Some Voss commandos choose to continue their service once their terms are over, ascending to the rank of officer.

The simple fact of the Voss's survival in the face of overwhelming Gormak numbers and hostility speaks to the skill of the Voss commandos. They are expert hand-to-hand combatants and peerless scouts, and because every Voss serves, every Voss adult is trained in self-defense. Having seen the Gormak menace firsthand, all adult Voss also understand and accept the sacrifices necessary for their society to survive.

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