SWTOR Loremaster of Nar Shaddaa Location Guide

To complete the "Loremaster of Nar Shaddaa" achievement you must find all three listed lore objects both hidden and obvious on Nar Shaddaa. This written guide will show you where to locate each lore object.

The Achievement can be found in your Legacy (Y) > Location > Nar Shaddaa > Exploration.

Listed in alphabetic order:

Data Slicing

The Data Slicing lore object (a datapad) is located both in the Nikto Sector (Republic) and the Corellian Sector (Empire).
The Republic Only lore object is located on a shelf next to a few Kintan King enemies in the Kintan Kingdom area in the south-east corner of the Nikto Sector.

The Empire Only lore object is located on a workstation surrounded by Exchange forces in the Chemical Refinement District in the south of the Corellian Sector.

The Codex Entry can be found in your Log (L) > Codex > Lore > Data Slicing.

Data slicing is one of the less advertised, though very profitable, industries thriving on Nar Shaddaa. For the right price, computer and electronics experts can be hired for a variety of services. Traditionally, these include corporate espionage, personal information-gathering (whether as part of an investigation or for use in blackmail) and security enhancements. However, with the escalating tension between Republic and Imperial forces, skilled slicers are now often employed as code breakers and saboteurs.

Some of the best slicers in the galaxy are self-taught independent operators. Advantages of employing outside experts in covert military operations include plausible deniability and the option to forego rescue operations when a mission asset is compromised or captured. Whether this offsets the risk of a slicer switching sides for a better offer is a matter of debate.

Slave Trading on Nar Shaddaa

The Slave Trading on Nar Shaddaa lore object (a datapad) is located both in the Shadow Town (Republic) and the Duros Sector (Empire).
The Republic Only lore object is located in a scrap heap in the corner of the Violent Prisoners Ward with a few non-combatant NPC's searching the ground before you enter the prison area of Shadow Town.

The Empire Only lore object is located on the ground in a corner next to an Instance Entrance at the Umbarra Plaza in the north-west of the Duros Sector.

The Codex Entry can be found in your Log (L) > Codex > Lore > Slave Trading on Nar Shaddaa.

The slave trade is one of the most profitable and pervasive industries on Nar Shaddaa. Although slavery is officially condemned by the Republic, rapid Imperial expansion has caused a boom in the number of potential buyers. Recognizing the demand, the Hutt Cartel, the Nar Shaddaa Labor Alliance and others established Nar Shaddaa as the galaxy's premier location for slavers to display and sell product.

In addition to the expected slave markets and auction houses, entrepreneurs have built up an entire business infrastructure to facilitate the practice of buying and selling living beings as property. Intrepid businessmen offer inspection and appraisal of goods, security and transport services, and even long-term carbonite storage facilities.

The Spice Business

The Spice Business lore object (a datapad) is located both in the Red Light Sector (Republic) and the Network Access (Empire).
The Republic Only lore object is located on a table in the Back Alley Slums surrounded by Bleeder Spice enemies. The small room is accessed from the west side of the Red Light Sector.

The Empire Only lore object is located on a console in between two kolto tanks in the Secured Systems in the west of Network Access.

The Codex Entry can be found in your Log (L) > Codex > Lore > The Spice Business.

The term "spice" refers to a wide variety of substances trafficked throughout the galaxy. Some types of spice are primarily medicinal, refined into lifesaving painkillers or used to treat mental illness; more often than not, however, spice traders deal in addictive, recreational chemical compounds with unpredictable and dangerous physical and psychological effects.

Spice is tightly regulated--or completely banned--on most Republic and Imperial worlds. On the Hutt-controlled moon of Nar Shaddaa, however, spice is openly imported, processed, refined and packaged for both local and offworld distribution. Nar Shaddaa's spice trade is split among numerous gangs and petty crime lords who use the profits to fund other, often violent, activities.

In recent years, the Exchange crime syndicate has offered several key players cut-rate distribution of product on Republic worlds through their existing criminal networks. The newly forged alliances have finally given the Exchange a foothold in the spice trade, much to the chagrin of the Hutts.

Additional Lore Objects

These Lore Object does not count towards the Loremaster Achievement. They are simply providing more knowledge and a small amount of XP. They are purely optional.


The Arcona lore object (a datapad) is located on a circular bench with a holographic tree in the middle, next to an Arcona and a Human speaking to a female Dancer behind Karagga's Statue on the Lower Promenade.

The Codex Entry can be found in your Log (L) > Codex > Species > Arcona.

Arcona are a reptilian species from the desert world of Cona. Although their large eyes are their most distinctive feature, Arcona actually have poor eyesight, relying instead on the powerful scent organs on their tongues and an ability to perceive body heat. Due to the heavy concentrations of ammonia in their homeworld's atmosphere, Arcona cannot survive without ammonia supplements when away from home.

Highly social, Arcona live in tight-knit nests where the needs of the group always come before those of the individual. This mentality is so ingrained that many Arcona alone in the galaxy still refer to themselves as "we" rather than "I."


The Chagrian lore object (a datapad) is located on bench next to a Human NPC named "Debtor" and a Chargrian NPC named "Debt Collector" near the northern skiff on the Lower Promenade.

The Codex Entry can be found in your Log (L) > Codex > Species > Chagrian.

Chagrians are amphibious beings with distinctive horns that evolved on the watery planet of Champala. Individual Chagrians are raised as tadpoles in pools of water within their family homes; upon gaining their adult forms, they retain the ability to breathe underwater but lose their sense of taste. Due to the unstable history of Champala's star, Chagrians also have a natural resistance to radiation.

Chagrian society is largely peaceful. Champala's government is famous for being even-handed, ensuring a high quality of life for all its citizens while showing special favor to none. This mentality is often borne out in Chagrian individuals; in Republic politics, Chagrians are often painted as naive idealists by their opponents, but they can be fiercely devoted to their constituents.

Hutt Cartel

The Hutt Cartel lore object (a datapad) is hidden underneath a plant next to the music stage on the Lower Promenade.

The Codex Entry can be found in your Log (L) > Codex > Organizations > Hutt Cartel.

Officially, the Hutt Cartel is a business alliance between several different Hutt clans, working together towards the common goals of wealth and prosperity. Between its members, the Hutt Cartel controls vast resources, countless credits and many independent worlds--not least among them Hutta, their adopted homeworld, and Nar Shaddaa, the crown jewel of the underworld. Although the Hutts have no formal government, the Hutt Cartel acts as a loose governing body on these worlds and others.

Unofficially, the Hutt Cartel is a ruthless crime syndicate whose goals are not always so united. Turf wars and clan infighting have often left the Cartel in splintered uproar. Personal grudges and cutthroat competition can result in two rival clans warring in the streets one day and feasting together the next.

While historically the Hutt Cartel has remained neutral in galactic affairs, both the Republic and the Empire have made recent attempts to secure the Hutts' loyalty. It remains to be seen what the outcome of these attempts will be--and what effect the Hutt Cartel will have on the galaxy at large.


The Ithorian lore object (a speeder) is parked next to the northern skiff with an Ithorian sitting inside on the Lower Promenade.

The Codex Entry can be found in your Log (L) > Codex > Species > Ithorian.

Pejoratively called "hammerheads" for their distinctive skulls, Ithorians are a peaceful mammalian species with two mouths and four throats. Their native language--which other species often find melodious but impossible to reproduce--resembles music rather than speech.

Ithorians are devoted environmentalists and staunch pacifists. They evolved on the beautiful jungle world of Ithor, eventually moving into floating "herd ships" to avoid disturbing the native flora they call "Mother Jungle." Their experience building herd ships allowed the Ithorians to become one of the earliest spacefaring species, and they live on city-ships to this day. Every five years, Ithorians gather for a Meet, where they exchange news, debate important issues and come together as a culture.

Although not particularly technologically advanced, no species is more capable at restoring damaged ecologies than the Ithorians. Many Ithorian herds have begun visiting worlds whose biospheres were damaged in the Great War, encouraging the worlds' recovery or transplanting endangered flora and fauna to new homes.


The Neimoidian lore object (a datapad) is located next to the Neimoidian Stims Vendor named Tunjas in front of Karagaa's Statue on the Lower Promenade.

The Codex Entry can be found in your Log (L) > Codex > Species > Neimoidian.

Around the time of the foundation of the Republic, a group of Duros explorers led by Chal Haan colonized the planet Neimoidia. Over millennia, the conditions of their new colony led these Duros to evolve into a separate species: Neimoidians. These green-skinned, red-eyed beings grow from grubs in communal hives, where they spend the early years of their lives competing for food. Those who cannot find or steal enough to eat quickly starve, a process which ensures that weakness is weeded out early.

Personal greed is seen as acceptable and even desirable in Neimoidian culture, and while Neimoidians are known as capable entrepreneurs and administrators, their opponents paint them as deceitful, lazy cowards. Neimoidians do rely heavily on advanced droids for all but the most important tasks--freeing them to pursue elaborate political games for social rank or increased profits--but Neimoidian investors have also aided the Republic's economy in hard times. The Senate therefore tolerates Neimoidian bribe-taking and backroom trading... up to a point.


The Nikto lore object (a datapad) is located on a crate in between the Modification Vendors at the Promenade Market on Lower Promenade.

The Codex Entry can be found in your Log (L) > Codex > Species > Nikto.

The name "Nikto" is an umbrella term; these muscular, reptilian beings technically consist of five distinct subspecies. Each evolved on the planet Kintan after a dying star, M'dweshuu, bombarded their world with radiation. A cult devoted to this star arose, and exerted a totalitarian hold on Nikto society until the Hutts discovered Kintan and destroyed the cult's stronghold in an orbital bombardment. The Nikto rallied to the Hutts under the Treaty of Vontor and the fortunes of the two species have been intertwined ever since.

Nikto are gifted fighters, often serving as enforcers for the Hutts. Those who leave Kintan or the Hutt Cartel are often "mixed-breeds" who show characteristics of more than one subspecies and are subsequently reviled by their own people, but some are members of modern Nikto cults--often violent groups that trace their roots to the original Cult of M'dweshuu, for good or ill.

Statue of Karagga the Unyielding

The Statue of Karagga the Unyielding lore object (a plaque) is located at the base of the massive golden statue of Karagga himself in the center of the Lower Promenade.

The Codex Entry can be found in your Log (L) > Codex > Lore > Statue of Karagga the Unyielding.

Forged from solid gold and sculpted by no less than eighty-three artisans, the statue of Karagga the Hutt embodies its subject's opulence and grandeur while taking center stage in the Promenade of Nar Shaddaa. The statue itself was commissioned by the Hutt Cartel as a gift to its ruler on Karagga's 800th birthday. Every year since, revelers gather around the statue to honor Karagga's birth in a debauched celebration befitting the Supreme Mogul of the Hutt Cartel.

Critics have disparaged the statue's poor resemblance to Karagga, but they do so without appreciation of the Hutts' artistic traditions. Reflections of reality are shunned. Instead, the truly great statues capture the idealized Hutt form and portray the glorious mass of their subject. From its golden tail to ornate helmet, there exists no finer Hutt statue than that of Karagga the Unyielding.


The Weequay lore object (a datapad) is located behind the Gran Modification Vendor named Grymarch at the Promenade Market on Lower Promenade.

The Codex Entry can be found in your Log (L) > Codex > Species > Weequay.

Hailing from the Outer Rim planet Srilurr on the border of Hutt Space, the intimidating Weequays have served as foot soldiers and mercenaries for millennia. Weequay warriors under the command of Kossak the Hutt defeated infamous warlord Xim the Despot over twenty thousand years ago, securing the Weequays a reputation as one of the galaxy's toughest species.

Veteran soldiers joke that Weequays can survive headless or heartless, but not both. Such exaggerations expose a dim view of Weequay intelligence that ignores the capable military leaders and wise Jedi Masters who have come from this proud people.

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