SWTOR Beastmaster of Taris Location Guide

To complete the "Beastmaster of Taris" achievement you must find five bestiary lore objects. This achievement can be done on both factions, but the achievement is stated under Republic. This written guide will show you where to locate each lore object.


To get the Bogstalker lore object, you have to defeat a Bogstalker Shrieker, found in the Brell Sediment south of the lake where the Subject Alpha World Boss is roaming.

Ferrazid Hound

To get the Ferrazid Hound lore object, you have to defeat a Ferrazid Hunter, found in the surrounding area of Waypoint Station Aurek.


To get the Nekghoul lore object, you have to defeat a Mutated Nekghoul Horror, found inside the Infested Excavation Site in the Rakghoul Lair Heroic Area in the Tularan Marsh.


To get the Nexu lore object, you have to defeat a Young Nexu, found near the bridge in the Overrun Settlement in the Republic Resettlement Zone. It's a non-combatant enemy, so it won't attack you, until you attack it.


To get the Rakghoul lore object, you have to defeat a Scavenging Rakghoul, found north of Kanner Outpost in the Sinking City.

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