SWTOR Beastmaster of Korriban Location Guide

To complete the "Beastmaster of Korriban" achievement you must find three bestiary lore objects. This written guide will show you where to locate each lore object.


To get the K'lor'slug lore object, you have to defeat a K'lor'slug Broodwatcher, found in the Tomb of Ajunta Pall, the first Tomb after you create a new character.


To get the Shyrack lore object, you have to defeat either a Shyrack Screecher or a Shyrack Mauler, which can be done in two ways.
Through the Sith Inquisitor story mission called "A Little Knowledge" in the Tomb of Marka Ragnos - Reliquary you will come across the Shyrack Screecher.
Another way you can obtain it is through an Exploration Side Quest given by Overseer Ragate in the Sith Academy called "The Blood Legacy". Inside the Ritual Chambers you will find several Shyrack Maulers.
Note: To be able to talk to Overseer Ragate, remember to enable the "Show Exploration Missions" in the lower left corner on your map.


To get the Tuk'ata lore object, you simply have to click the Tuk'ata Copse lying on the table in front of Lord Renning at the Wilds Laboratory.
You can also get the codex from defeating one of the Ragaing Tuk'ata in the area.

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