SWTOR Beastmaster of Nar Shaddaa Location Guide

To complete the "Beastmaster of Nar Shaddaa" achievement you must find two bestiary lore objects. This written guide will show you where to locate each lore object.

The Gundark bestiary lore object is part of the "Beastmaster of Nar Shaddaa" achievement, but there is no Gundarks to be found on the planet. You get this codex entry through Gundark Lifetaker on Dromund Kaas.

Vrblther (Empire Only)

To get the Vrblther lore object, you have to defeat an Elite Elder Vrblther, found inside the instance of [HEROIC +2] Hunger of the Vrblthers in the Network Access - Power Station.
You can pick up the mission at the Daily Heroic Missions Terminal at the Nar Shaddaa: Mezenti Spaceport.
Pro Tip: Remember to use the Heroic Transport. It will transport you directly to the instance's elevator.

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