SWTOR Hill Nerf Calf Location Guide

This SWTOR guide will help you locate and obtain a Hill Nerf calf pet, as well as completing the achievement "Who's Scruffy Looking".

Starting coordinates: 1392, 576

To start this quest, you have to find a Nerf Herder Guide. The location of this is easily missed, so I recommend uncovering a large portion of the map in this area to be sure where you start.

In the snow-covered patch you will find the little Guide Datapad. Pick it up (13 sec cast) and you will receive a buff called "Understanding of Nerfs" that will last 60 min. You have to complete your search within this time, or you have to start over again.

Now you have to find some food that can be found in several locations. You will be notified when a plant is within your vicinity. (You only need one plant)

#1 is located in the Juran Mountains north of House Rist.

#2 is located in the Glarus Valley north-west of Castle Panteer. This one is easiest as a Republic Player, since the NPC's in the area will be friendly.

#3 is located in King's Pass to the south in the Heroic Killik territory.

#4 is located in the Kaamos Territory behind the Lerantha Dam towards the Ulgo Droid Factory Grounds Heroic Area.

The Strange Plant will be transferred to your inventory.

The Nerf Calves themselves are located in the Juran Mountains between Fort Alde and Outpost Talarn. Simply feed it and the pet will be transferred to your inventory.

Once you have found all three, you will receive the Legacy Title "Nerf Herder" as well as 10x Art Decorations for your Stronghold. The three Nerf Calves will not be shared in your Legacy and therefore have to be collected on each character you want them on.

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