SWTOR Tatooine Droid Recon Location Guide

This guide will show the locations of all seven MCR-99 Recon Droids on Tatooine using the Macrobinoculars from the Macrobinocular Mission where you have to find the Shroud.

Find the hidden Recon Droids scattered all over the galaxy to complete "The Droids You're Looking For" achievement. To earn the MCR-100 Miniprobe Pet you must complete all of the Faction specific planets on that Character. You must repeat this on all the characters you wish to unlock the pet on.

Mos Ila (Empire Only)

This Recon Droid is located beyond the Drydust Crescent on the outskirts of Mos Ila. Be careful not to climb to high, or you'll be hit by the Exhaustion Zone.

Anchorhead (Republic Only)

This Recon Droid is located above one of the Moisture Farms that can be seen looking south from the Speeder point in Anchorhead.

Jundland - Geonosian Compound

This Recon Droid is located at the build-in house in the rocks near the Geonosian Compound north of Dreviad Outpost in Jundland. It is so far away you most likely will not be able to see it until you use the Binoculars to detect it. Detection is indicated by the focus turning orange.

Jundland - Tusken Raider Camp

This Recon Droid is located above a structure in the Tusken Raider Camp south of Outpost Largona in east Jundland.

Jundland - The Wound

This Recon Droid is located in the canyon known as The Wound and can be seen from the small edge at the Sand People Camp between Outpost Largona and Ridgeside Sentry Post where you also can get the Bantha Codex Entry.

Jundland - Outpost Varath

This Recon Droid is located at the house build into the rocks above Outpost Varath in Jundland.

Dune Sea

This Recon Droid is located under an arched rock formation in the south-east of the Dune Sea south of Outpost Zaroshe.

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