SWTOR Alderaan Droid Recon Location Guide

This guide will show the locations of all six MCR-99 Recon Droids on Alderaan using the Macrobinoculars from the Macrobinocular Mission where you have to find the Shroud.

Find the hidden Recon Droids scattered all over the galaxy to complete "The Droids You're Looking For" achievement. To earn the MCR-100 Miniprobe Pet you must complete all of the Faction specific planets on that Character. You must repeat this on all the characters you wish to unlock the pet on.

The Apalis Coast

This Recon Droid is located on top of a tower overlooking the Apalis Field near the Republic Palista Spaceport.

Alsakan Lowlands

This Recon Droid is located on top of a rock in the middle of the ocean south-west of Republic Outpost Wardpost Duvaal in the Alsakan Lowlands. You can vaguely see the Recon Droid from the broken bridge where you also can find the nests with the Unusual Egg.

The Juran Mountains

This Recon Droid is located above the outer wall of House Alde.

Kaamos Territory - Thul Research Camp

This Recon Droid is located under the southern bridge over the South Fornaak River and can be seen from the northern bridge west of the Thul Research Camp.

Kaamos Territory - Ulgo Droid Factory Grounds

This Recon Droid is located above the Ulgo Droid Factory north of the Lerantha Dam.
Pro Tip: The binoculars can detect the Recon Droid from afar, so you don't necessarily have to travel all the way to the Factory Grounds.

The Glarus Valley

This Recon Droid is located below the broken Frostrock Promontory bridge in the Glarus Valley and can be seen from the river below.

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