SWTOR Corellia Droid Recon Location Guide

This guide will show the locations of all seven MCR-99 Recon Droids on Corellia using the Macrobinoculars from the Macrobinocular Mission where you have to find the Shroud.

Find the hidden Recon Droids scattered all over the galaxy to complete "The Droids You're Looking For" achievement. To earn the MCR-100 Miniprobe Pet you must complete all of the Faction specific planets on that Character. You must repeat this on all the characters you wish to unlock the pet on.

Blastfield Shipyards (Republic Only)

This Recon Droid is located directly east of the Shipwright Auxilliary Spaceport to your left as you exit the Spaceport under a broken part of a crashed ship.

Incorporation Islands (Empire Only)

This Recon Droid is located at a pipe opening just north of the Incorporation Island Taxi.

Labor Valley - Advanced Product Research Sector

This Recon Droid is located in between the tram tracks and the fuel pipes running parallel with the tracks in the Product Research area north of the Republic Base in Labor Valley.

Labor Valley - Central Workforce Habitation

This Recon Droid is located in between the scaffolding of the massive Hologram Signs above one of the Central Workforce Habitation buildings.

Labor Valley - Stardrive Construction Quarter

This Recon Droid is located above the remains of a floor of a ruined building west of the Imperial War Camp.

Axial Park - Contentment Hills

This Recon Droid is located inside a walkway, that can only be seen from the south side of it in the Contentment Hills area north-east of the Imperial Garrison.

Government District - Records and Communication Sector

This Recon Droid is located in the ruins of one of the skyscrapers in the Records and Communication Sector directly south of The Bastion.

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