SWTOR Galactic Season 5 - Week 16

Week 16 (December 19th - 25th).

Star Wars: The Old Republic's Galactic Season 5 "Confidence in Power" gives players the opportunity to earn rewards through two different reward tracks - a Free-To-Play Reward Track and a Subscriber Reward Track. The way to earn these new rewards is by completing simple Daily and Weekly Objectives, which will be different per weekly rotation.

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Daily Objective

Influencing the Galaxy

Earn 25,000 Personal Conquest Points across your Legacy.

Daily Objective can be repeated once a day on any character. The Daily Objective is the same in all Weekly Rotations.

Weekly Objectives

Complete any 7/11

March Across the Galaxy

Earn 200,000 Personal Conquest Points across your Legacy.


Cause Chaos in Cantinas by taking control of a Mouse Droid and spoil the patron's fun in the following Cantinas:

- Taris
- Rishi
- Hoth
- Alderaan

To take control of a mouse droid, you have to interact with the not-so-subtle "Hidden Droid Control Terminal", which can be found in the cantina area. You can complete the weekly at one location, since the respawn time for chaos is very fast.

Fielding Loyalty

Complete missions as a Trooper or an Agent Origin.

Liabilities of Corellia

Track down and defeat Elite Targets on Corellia:

- Admiral Kalmic (Republic)
- Lord Rashal (Republic)

Liabilities of Quesh

Track down and defeat Elite Targets on Quesh:

- DS-224 Colossus (Republic)
- Lord Rhexa (Republic)

- Foreman Telleon (Empire)
- Yanu Selke (Empire)

GSI Valued Partner

Complete the [WEEKLY] GSI Valued Partner Initiative that can be acquired on:

- Nar Shaddaa
- Tatooine
- Alderaan
- Makeb

Requires starting or completing the Seeker Mission that can be picked up on the Fleet outside the Cartel Bazaar elevator.

Legacies of the Dark and Powerful

Complete 2 Flashpoints from below:

- The False Emperor
- Legacy of the Rakata
- The Battle of Ilum
- Shrine of Silence

Stay On Target

Earn Capture, Defensive and Damage Medals in Galactic Starfighter by capturing and defending objectives or damaging enemy players.

Clashing in the Stars

Complete Galactic Starfighter matches. Earn double progress from wins.

Under Pressure

Complete any of the following Operations (requires subscription) on Veteran or Master Mode:

- Eternity Vault
- Scum and Villainy


Complete Chapter III: "Outlander" of the Knights of the Fallen Empire expansion on Veteran Mode or harder.

This requires a Subscription to access the Knights of the Fallen Empire or had one prior.

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