SWTOR Galactic Season 2 - Week 14 Objectives

Star Wars: The Old Republic's Galactic Season 2 "Shadows of the Underworld" gives players the opportunity to earn rewards through two different reward tracks - a Free Reward Track and a Subscriber Reward Track. They way to earn these new rewards is by completing simple Daily and Weekly Objectives, which will be different per week that is in rotation.
This is Week 14 May 17th - 24th 2022.

Daily Objective

Influencing the Galaxy

Earn 25,000 Personal Conquest Points across your Legacy.

Daily Objective can be repeated once a day on any character. The Daily Objective is the same in all Week Rotations.

Weekly Objectives

March Across the Galaxy

Earn 200,000 Personal Conquest Points across your Legacy.

Syndicate Infighting

Create infighting within the Hutt Cartel, Exchange and Black Sun by defeating syndicate members and planting incriminating rumours while disguised as a member of one of these gangs.
Locate Armor Crates in order to disguise yourself and plant rumours by accessing Syndicate Personnel Consoles on Coruscant, Nar Shaddaa, Tatooine and Quesh.

Serenity or Passion

Complete Missions as a Jedi Consular or a Sith Inquisitor Origin.

Still Got It

Defeat non-player enemies across the Galaxy without the aid of an active companion. (No companion may be summoned)
This does not progress through Warzones, Galactic Starfighter, Flashpoints or Operations.

Wild Space Daily Sweep

Complete the Weekly mission:

- CZ-198
- Iokath

Dealings in Hutt Space

Complete Repeatable, Exploration or Bonus Missions on:
- Makeb
- Nar Shaddaa
- Quesh
- Voss
- Darvannis
- Ossus

Enable the "Show Exploration Missions" in the lower left corner of your map above the Galaxy Map to be able to interact with Exploration Missions across the Galaxy.

Legacies of Revan

Complete Flashpoints. Earn bonus points:
- Maelstrom Prison (Republic Only)
- Taral V (Republic Only)
- The Foundry (Empire Only)
- Boarding Party (Empire Only)

Earn additional bonus points by defeating their Bonus Bosses.

Decorated Combatant

Earn Warzone Medals.

Earn bonus points for becoming "Highly Decorated" by earning 8 Medals or more in a single PvP Match.

Clashing in the Stars

Complete Galactic Starfighter. Earn double points from won matches.

Quelling the Uprising

Complete Uprisings. (Requires Subscription)
Earn bonus points from completing:

- Crimson Fang
- Done and Dusted
- Firefrost

Earn additional bonus points from completing them on Veteran Mode or harder.

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