SWTOR Galactic Season 5 - Week 2

Week 2 (September 12th - September 18th).

Star Wars: The Old Republic's Galactic Season 5 "Confidence in Power" gives players the opportunity to earn rewards through two different reward tracks - a Free-To-Play Reward Track and a Subscriber Reward Track. The way to earn these new rewards is by completing simple Daily and Weekly Objectives, which will be different per weekly rotation.

For more information on changes, lists of new Rewards and previews on swtor.com!

Daily Objective

Influencing the Galaxy

Earn 25,000 Personal Conquest Points across your Legacy.

Daily Objective can be repeated once a day on any character. The Daily Objective is the same in all Weekly Rotations.

Weekly Objectives

Complete any 7/11

March Across the Galaxy

Earn 200,000 Personal Conquest Points across your Legacy.

Planting the Darkness

Turn in Dark Spores to 3V-1L in the Combat Training area on the Fleet to earn Reputation with Lord Umbral's Top Secret Army.

This Will Do Nicely

Affect enemies with destructible pipes, tanks, canisters and capacitors found throughout the Galaxy. These are easily found in Flashpoints and [HEROIC] instances.

Tip: An easy way to complete this is through [HEROIC 2+] Republic's Most Wanted on Coruscant. Gather the enemies at the initial area, then hide behind the crate on the left side from the entrance next to a green gass canister and once all the enemies have surrounded you, click the barrel.

Hold Them Down

Defeat non-player enemies across the Galaxy with any Companion in a Tank Role.

This does not progress through Warzones, Galactic Starfighter, Flashpoints or Operations.

Wild Space Daily Sweep

Complete the Weekly missions on:

[WEEKLY] Daily Area: CZ-198 multiple times.
[WEEKLY] Daily Area Iokath once.

Reaches of Unknown and Wild Space

Complete Repeatable, Exploration or Bonus Missions while defeating 100 enemies on:

- CZ-198
- Ilum
- Iokath
- Zakuul

Enable the "Show Exploration Missions" in the lower left corner of your map above the Galaxy Map to be able to interact with Exploration Missions across the Galaxy.

Legacies of the Underworld

Complete 2 Flashpoints from below:

- Directive 7
- Mandalorian Raiders
- Cademimu
- Spirit of Vengeance (Onslaught Expansion required)

We're Not Out of This Yet

Board your Personal Ship and complete 2 [HEROIC] Space Missions.

Stay On Target

Earn Capture, Defensive and Damage Medals in Galactic Starfighter by capturing and defending objectives or damaging enemy players.

Coordinated Actions

Complete the following Operations (requires subscription) on Story Mode:

- Karagga's Palace
- Explosive Conflict
- Dread Fortress
- The Ravagers

The Eternal Throne

Complete Chapter IX: "The Eternal Throne" of the Knights of the Eternal Throne expansion on Veteran Mode or harder.

This requires a Subscription to access the Knights of the Eternal Empire or had one prior.

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