SWTOR Galactic Season 2 - Week 12 Objectives

Star Wars: The Old Republic's Galactic Season 2 "Shadows of the Underworld" gives players the opportunity to earn rewards through two different reward tracks - a Free Reward Track and a Subscriber Reward Track. They way to earn these new rewards is by completing simple Daily and Weekly Objectives, which will be different per week that is in rotation.
This is Week 12 May 3rd - 10th 2022.

Daily Objective

Influencing the Galaxy

Earn 25,000 Personal Conquest Points across your Legacy.

Daily Objective can be repeated once a day on any character. The Daily Objective is the same in all Week Rotations.

Weekly Objectives

March Across the Galaxy

Earn 200,000 Personal Conquest Points across your Legacy.

Infiltrating the Competition

Obtain Underworld Syndicate Plans by completing various Objectives, or defeating enemies across the Galaxy.
- Galactic Season Objectives
- Flashpoints
- Uprisings
- 8-16 Player Operations
- Lair Bosses
- Defeating Enemies on Corellia, Makeb, Mek-Sha, Nar Shaddaa, Quesh, Rishi, Taris and Tatooine

Mutual Beneficiary

Turn in Underworld Syndicate Plans to Qi'us Dnar on the Lower Promenade of Nar Shaddaa to earn Reputation with the Shadow Syndicate.

Liabilities of Quesh

Track down and defeat Elite Targets on Quesh.

- DS-224 Colossus (Republic Only)
- Foreman Telleon (Empire Only)
- Lord Rhexa (Republic Only)
- Yanu Selke (Empire Only)

Seeking Artifacts

Uncover artifacts and other lost treasures with your Seeker Droid on:
- Alderaan
- Tatooine
- Hoth
- Makeb

Requires starting or completing the Seeker Mission that can be picked up on the Fleet outside the Cartel Bazaar elevator.

Fielding Loyalty

Complete Missions as a Trooper or an Agent Origin.

Sparks of War

Defeat Republic and Imperial Guard Droids and Turrets of Champion difficulty across:

- Belsavis
- Hoth
- Rishi
- Tatooine

Heading the Frontline

Complete Unranked Warzone matches. Earn double points from won matches.

Capital Punishment

Defeat World Bosses:
- The First on Dromund Kaas
- SD-0 on Coruscant

Heart of Ruin

Defeat Lair Bosses.
Earn bonus points for defeating the Colossal Monolith on any difficulty.

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