SWTOR Ilum Blue Mastery Datacron Location Guide

The Blue Mastery Datacron increases your aptitude in combat, allowing you to do more damage. It will grant you Mastery +4 to your permanent stats along with codex: Galactic History 83: The Republic Rebuilds. There are 5 Datacrons in total located on the planet of Ilum.

Datacrons are collectables scattered around the galaxy in Star Wars: The Old Republic. Each Datacron contributes towards your Legacy's passive stats permanently. Furthermore, they also provide interesting Lore and Codex Entries about the Old Republic era.

Starting coordinates: 976, 933.

This Datacron is located in the farthest south-east corner on the map, past the exhaustion zone.

As you move forward, stay relatively close to the icewall on your right.

Turn right at the end of the icewall. Before you reach this point, you will be exposed to the Exhaustion Zone, which will de-mount you, damage you mildly and give a warning to turn back, but keep going. The Datacron is right around the corner

This will grant you Mastery +4 to your permanent stats along with the codex: Galactic History 83: The Republic Rebuilds.

This datacron holds unheard of power and knowledge collected by an ancient race. You access its power and discover writings which are clearly only one small piece of a massive galactic history:

The secret manipulations of the Sith Triumvirate following the Jedi Civil War almost destroyed the Republic. With infrastructure crumbling and the Jedi Order nearly extinct--its Masters almost entirely slain, and its younger members slowly emerging from hiding--the future seemed bleak. But the Jedi Exile and the other heroes of the Jedi Civil War would not see the Republic fall.

With renewed treaties and alliances, trade gradually began to flow and the Republic military regained its strength. Meanwhile, the Exile trained new Jedi recruits, forming a council of her companions who achieved mastery and welcoming others who came out of hiding. After years of slow but steady growth, the reborn Jedi Order made a triumphant return to its long-abandoned temple on Coruscant.

But the Jedi Exile could not forget Darth Traya's final warning, suggesting that evil remained in the Unknown Regions. With the Jedi Order flourishing, the Exile left the known galaxy to follow her former commander Revan into darkness.

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