SWTOR Pirate Incursion Achievement Guide

A simple guide to help you locate and complete achievements related to the Pirate Incursion event on Dantooine in Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Lingering Shadows

Simple and easy achievement to get. You can use the Handheld Scanners from [DAILY] Spy Game mission, if you haven't done the Macrobinocular Mission from Rise of the Hutt Cartel.

Scholar of Dantooine

Locate all the lore objects related to the Scholar of Dantooine achievement.

Legacy of Darth Traya

Infinite Empire: Dantooine

Blba Tree

Dantooinian Culinarian

Locate all the "edible" objects related to the Dantooine Culinarian achievement.

Charred Kath Shank

Several locations.

Irritable Bloatgourd

Several locations

Nova Blade Rotgut

Unnaturally Huge Tuber

Several locations (only available outside of event time)

Fragile Glowshroom

Several locations (only available outside of event time)

Perfectly Ripe Vormfruit

Several locations (only available outside of event time)

Well That Was Unexpected (hidden achievement)

You know you want to. Jump!

The Polly Exclusion Principle (hidden achievement - event only)

Go see if Polly wants a cracker on the small island in the lake to the south-west.

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