SWTOR Dantooine Treasure Hunter Guide (Hidden Achievement)

This is a guide that will help you to locate each hidden Datapad for the hidden achievement "Dantooine Treasure Hunter" only available during the Pirate Incursion Event in Star Wars: The Old Republic.

If you are really lucky (or check a guide), you might stumble upon a Datapad hidden in the grass at the end of the dotted path going south from the [HEROIC 2+] Shiny New Toy instance, that will send us on a treasure hunt.
You can find these notes in the Mission Items tab in your Inventory.

D. Scuffy's Note #1

D. Scuffy's Note #2 is located inside the left house when facing the Imperial Camp in the Crystal Cave.

D. Scuffy's Note #3 Is located inside the building to the left before you enter the [HEROIC 4+] Reactor Ransom instance.

D. Scuffy's Note #4 is located on the cliffs in the very south-west corner, with a view to the Jedi Enclave ruins.

D. Scuffy's Note #5 is located at the Banir Dam, on the right side when facing the dam the overlook above the walkway (use the small ladder on the left side for an easier climb).

X marks the Spot on Polly's island.

Now dig!

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