SWTOR X Marks the Spot Achievement Guide

This is a guide for the "X that Marks the Spot" achievement that is the final step in the Rishi Datacron Master achievement in SWTOR. The Rishi Datacron increases your aptitude in combat, allowing you to do more damage. This will grant you All Masteries +10 to your permanent stats, as well as 4 codex entries: Galactic History 90: The Battle of Alderaan, Galactic History 91: Th Syndicate Wars, Galactic History 92: The Hydian Way and Galactic History 93: The Mandalorian Schism. There are 4 Datacrons in total located at the same spot on the planet of Rishi.

Datacrons are collectables scattered around the galaxy in Star Wars: The Old Republic. Each Datacron contributes towards your Legacy's passive stats permanently. Furthermore, they also provide interesting Lore and Codex Entries about the Old Republic era.

Starting coordinates: -777, -2071.

Travel to the Unique Rock Formation near the Revanite Camp south-west on Sky Ridge Island. If you haven't already discovered this area, you can take a speeder from Raiders Cove Trade Post.

If you are doing this as a group, then only the one with the "Neural Imprint" and "Incredible Smell" buffs can click the rock on the floor. Anyone trying without the buffs, will be rejected and poisoned.

Upon interacting with the Unique Rock Formation the two skulls will scan you to ensure you have the buffs. When you have been scanned successfully, you will be granted your final buff called "Neural Location" that will reveal the X that Marks the Spot.

Follow the beam past the group of Shore Crabs through the crack in the rocks.

At the end of the beam, you will find an Anchored Rock. Start digging!

This will unlock the achievement "X Marks the Spot", as well as the Legacy Title "Lord of the Ocean".

Straight after 6 Champion Sea Creature Tentacles will spawn to crack open the rock. If you try to interact with the rock without the buffs, these Tentacle will crack you instead. So if you are doing this as a group, let the one who have the buffs do the clicking.

This will grant you 4x Mastery +10 to your permanent stats along with codex:

Galactic History 90: The Battle of Alderaan.

The Sith Empire had won victory after victory in the Great War. But despite the Sith Emperor's planning, the Empire had also endured setbacks from stubborn Republic defenders. To shatter the Republic's morale, Imperial forces led by the newly-promoted Darth Malgus descended on the peaceful Core World of Alderaan. The surprise attack left Alderaan in flames.

Alderaan was little more than a transfer station for Republic soldiers on leave, though it also had a number of Republic military hospitals. There was no way the Empire could have foreseen that Captain Jace Malcom and Havoc Squad--the Republic's elite Special Forces unit--would be on planet as the attack came. Jace organized an armed stand against the Empire and signaled the Republic.

During an ambush in Alderaan's snowy forests, Captain Malcom and Satele Shan--the Jedi who would become Grand Master of the order--fought and defeated Darth Malgus. The tide was turned; the Republic fleet arrived soon afterwards, securing Alderaan, and the injured Malgus was secretly evacuated by fleeing Imperial forces.

Galactic History 91: The Syndicate Wars.

To the galaxy's underworld, war means profit. As the Republic and Sith Empire clashed, the Hutt-affiliated Rath Cartel and the upstart Vandelhelm Combine competed to smuggle weapons to the highest bidder in what were later called the Syndicate Wars.

When both sides hired powerful mercenaries, the rivalry spiraled out of control. Eventually the fighting spilled over into a "back door" trade corridor controlled by the notorious Nok Drayen, a gangster who had destroyed half the Hutt Cartel in a single night.

With his profits in danger, Nok Drayen swiftly retaliated against both factions. The Rath Cartel and the Vandelhelm Combine soon realized they were out of their depth, as Nok Drayen called in favors from dangerous Gank mercenaries, renegade Hutts and even Imperial officials. Finally Nok Drayen attacked Vandelhelm's headquarters, while simultaneously having the leader of the Rath Cartel assassinated. When the Syndicate Wars were over, every credit Vandelhelm and the Rath Cartel had earned went into Nok Drayen's pocket.

Galactic History 92: The Hydian Way.

Driven to test themselves in war, the Mandalorians had traditionally found common ground with the goals of the Sith. After the Empire's return, a new Mandalore emerged, forged in the gladiatorial arenas of Geonosis, and agreed to an Imperial alliance. Calling his scattered people together, Mandalore assembled a powerful fleet and blockaded the Hydian Way, a critical Republic supply line.

The Core Worlds slowly began to starve, and a partnership of underworld figures led by the smuggler Hylo Visz saw opportunity. The group baited the Mandalorians with bulk freighters of goods, before a motley fleet of starships ambushed the Mandalorian cruisers and forced them to break formation. With support from the Republic Navy, the blockade was destroyed.

As Hylo and her associates grew rich overnight, the Mandalorians withdrew. Dissent was growing in the ranks. Soon, Mandalore himself would face a challenge to his leadership.

Galactic History 93: The Mandalorian Schism.

The Great Hunt--a test of skill, valor and daring--has been a Mandalorian tradition for generations. After the Mandalorian defeat at the Hydian Way, Mandalore organized a Great Hunt to inspire and unite his people. The winner, Artus, challenged Mandalore to a duel and shot him dead. Artus then claimed the title of Mandalore himself, reaffirming the alliance with the Sith Empire.

Several Mandalorian clans, led by the renowned warrior Jicoln Cadera, disagreed. Centuries before, Mandalore the Preserver had fought shoulder-to-shoulder with Jedi and led his people to glory; Jicoln and his clans argued that they should ally with the Republic. When Artus refused, Jicoln Cadera led the clans in an uprising against him.

The two men fought a bloody campaign, but Artus eventually prevailed. He broke the rebels, seizing their armor and ordering their children adopted into other clans. Jicoln Cadera escaped into exile, leaving Artus unchallenged.

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