SWTOR Ruhnuk Purple Mastery Datacron Location Guide

The Purple Mastery Datacron increases your aptitude in combat, allowing you to do more damage. It will grant you Mastery +10 to your permanent stats. There is 1 Datacron in total located on the planet of Ruhnuk.

Datacrons are collectables scattered around the galaxy in Star Wars: The Old Republic. Each Datacron contributes towards your Legacy's passive stats permanently. Furthermore, they also provide interesting Lore and Codex Entries about the Old Republic era.

Starting coordinates: -1005, -920.

If you haven't already completed the three Relic Hunt missions, then you have to do that first, because the Repulser Unit buff is an absolute necessity to reach the Datacron.

Travel to the Overgrown Mining Site and find the crack in the rock slightly north-east of the left entrance to Cliffside Tunnel Network. (The easiest way is to Quick Travel to the Excavation Overlook in the Excavation Site, go north and take the first entrance to the right into the Overgrown Mining Site)

Make your way in through the chasm past some Volatile Lambros. They will not do much damage, but they will knock you around. Keep going until you reach two Volatile Lambros, one on each side of you, then turn left.

Note: If you reach a dead end with a lamp, a backpack and rope hanging from the ceiling, you have gone too far.

Follow the narrow chasm upwards until you can see light outside and a bunch of Volatile Lambros.

Once you reach the outside again, jump down to the sandy ledge and follow the path to the left down a tree trunk. Be careful! There's many Volatile Lambros here that can knock you off the ledge, and you will have to start from the top again.

Keep following the ledge to the left past all the Volatile Lambros until you reach a Repulser Pad.

Step onto the Repulser Pad and activate the Repulser Unit icon on your Temporary Ability Bar to be thrown over to the other side.

Defeat the ambush by a pack of Wraids. (One Elite and at least three weak ones)

Once you've defeated the Wraid ambush, you can run to the GNK Medical Droid, which will also act as your new spawn point.
From the GNK Medical Droid, turn around and face the direction of the Wraid ambush. In front of your you will see some rocks and a hole in the ground. Jump down!

Down the "rabbit" hole, go left! The right path with the Cave Tendril is a dead end and you cannot come back up from there. You can safely just drop down on the left side.

You find yourself in another cavern filled with Cave Tendrils. They will be annoying. They will try and knock you of the small platforms inside the cavern with a red circle on the ground and respawn you back at the GNK Medical Droid. Move out of the circles as fast as possible, even after you defeated the Tendril, but be careful. You do not have much space to stand on.
Recommendation: The Cave Tendril can be stunned, so use any stun ability you have. I highly recommend coming on a character that can teleport or charge to a target. It will be useful on the last jump!

After defeating the first pair of Cave Tendrils, next up is a little bit of light platforming while trying not to get knocked of the platforms by the Tendrils. Jump over to the left platform with the glowy plants and kill the next Tendril above it.

If you do not have the ability to charge or teleport to the next Tendril, you have to jump to the right platform with the glowy plants, then down to the next Tendril. Be careful! That platform is very small, so stun the Tendril as much as possible.

The last bit of platforms, you can choose to go on a mount if you find it easier.

Defeat the next pair of Cave Tendril (unless you can stealth), then run out of the cavern towards the light. Just outside the cavern you will be surrounded by Volatile Lambros, so run up the rock as soon as you come out.

Turn around and either defeat or sneak past the Hidden Chain Beastmaster and his pack of Tinebacks.

At the end of the path you will find the Datacron! But first you have to defeat the Hidden Chain ambush.

This will grant you Mastery +10 to your permanent stats and the use of the Ruhnuk Planetary Buffs.

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