SWTOR Relic Hunt: Self-Replenishing Stim Achievement Guide

This is a guide on how to initiate the "Relic Hunt: Self-Replenishing Stim" mission that is part of the Ruhnuk Datacron achievement in SWTOR.

Datacrons are collectables scattered around the galaxy in Star Wars: The Old Republic. Each Datacron contributes towards your Legacy's passive stats permanently. Furthermore, they also provide interesting Lore and Codex Entries about the Old Republic era.

After you complete the Critical Storyline from Game Update 7.2 Showdown on Ruhnuk a new series of missions will be made available called Relic Hunt. These Side Quests will enable the possibility for the use of planetary buffs that will both be useful for the Daily Area missions, as well as necessary to be able to reach the Datacron on Ruhnuk.

Pick up Relic Hunt: Self-Replenishing Stim from a Communication Datapad next to the Quick Travel point in Mandalore's Encampment.

First of, you have to Locate Orm Kreg in the Overgrown Mining Site area.

Following the location of Orm Kreg's body, you have to Scan for Evidence of Orm Kreg's killer by using the binocular icon at your mission log. You have to scan 2 bone piles in the area near the body, as well as the body itself.

Travel back to Mandalore's Encampment and use the Evidence Analysis Terminal next to the Reputation Vendor.

Now you have to Prepare for the Hunt for Orm Kreg's killer, so you have to gather 3 Trap Components and recover a Tranquilizer Bracer.
1/3 Trap Component is an Electrified Durasteel Net Trap found in some crates just outside the room of Mandalore's Encampment.

2/3 Trap Component is an Irewing Pheromone looted from Juvenile, Agitated or Placid Irewings found all over Ruhnuk. A good spot to hunt these creatures is in the Dilapidated Waterworks near the Travel Point.

3/3 Trap Component is a Perfectly-Marbled Dewback Steak looted from Juvenile or Wild Dewbacks found in Western Ruhnuk. A good spot to hunt these creatures is in the Verdant Ravine outside of Outpost Delta Travel Point.

Then you have to recover a Tranquilizer Bracer from a Hidden Chain Beastmaster. One Beastmaster is conveniently located just inside the Water Treatment Plant in the south of the Dilapidated Waterworks.

Now that you have gathered the means to hunt down Orm Kreg's killer, you have to Locate the Beast's Nest north of the Travel Point in the Dilapidated Waterworks.

Place the trap in one of the three nests, then retreat past one of the stones marked as "Hiding Place" and wait for the Scrabbler to appear.
Note: The Hiding Place stones is only indicated by hovering your mouse curser over it.

Once the Scrabbler appears, it will run hectically around its nest. Simply approach it, target the Scrabbler and click the Tranquilizer icon to put it to sleep. Once it's tranquilized, click the second icon to Retrieve the Stimpack Relic in the Scrabbler's gullet.

In case you don't have the Temporary Ability Bar enables in your Interface Editor, you can click the Tranquilizer and Retrieval icon at your mission log.

Return to Mandalore's Encampment and hand in the Relic at the second clickable mission table.
This will enable the opportunity to click this table as often as you want to gain The Buzz buff that lasts for 2 hours, which add the following: "your movespeed has been increased and you feel awake." The buff will only work on Ruhnuk and you will lose it if you die, travel to your personal Stronghold or switch instance.

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