SWTOR Onderon Purple Mastery Datacron Location Guide

The Purple Mastery Datacron increases your aptitude in combat, allowing you to do more damage. It will grant you Mastery +7 to your permanent stats along with codex: The Dagger at Dox Piter. There are 2 Datacrons in total located on the planet of Onderon.

Datacrons are collectables scattered around the galaxy in Star Wars: The Old Republic. Each Datacron contributes towards your Legacy's passive stats permanently. Furthermore, they also provide interesting Lore and Codex Entries about the Old Republic era.

Starting coordinates: -118, -1183.

This is the Indiana Jones Datacron, which means jumping, traps and no room for errors.

Jump down into the grotto. You cannot use the ladder to get back up, so if you want out, you have to Quick Travel.

You are met by a personal instance and a debuff that states: "Reviving in place is restricted in this area." which means that if you die, you will be sent back to the start of the instance.

Inside the instance you face a tiled bridge. Do NOT walk on it, before you have memorized the route of safe tiles. This is also your spawn point. If you fall, you revive here and have to start over, no matter how far you have advanced.
To your right is a droid with a note that shows the safe passage.

Once you've reached the other side, I recommend memorizing the path back as well, because you will need it.

The next bit is filled with spiky tiles. If you touch them, you instantly die and will be sent back to the start of the instance. It might help seeing them better if you turn down your graphics.

The gap is easy to jump, but remember to make note of the path on the way back, because you will need it.

Avoid the spiky tiles again and take note again before you click the Datacron of the path back.

Once you click the Datacron, you spring the trap! At the end of the cutscene you have to run all the way back to the start of the instance, without falling or getting caught. If you fall or get caught, you have to start all over again. You can bring a friend to help on the way back.

This will grant you Mastery +7 your permanent stats along with the codex: The Dagger at Dox Piter.

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