SWTOR Kessan's Landing Endurance Datacron Location Guide

The Endurance Datacron increases the amount of damage you can suffer by increasing your max health. It will grant you Endurance +10 to your permanent stats. There is 1 Datacron in total located in Kessan's Landing, Ord Mantell.

Datacrons are collectables scattered around the galaxy in Star Wars: The Old Republic. Each Datacron contributes towards your Legacy's passive stats permanently. Furthermore, they also provide interesting Lore and Codex Entries about the Old Republic era.

Geothermal Shield

If you haven't already completed the Shielding Unit questline for Kessan's Landing, then you have to do that first, because the final hidden quest, wherein the Datacron is located, will not be made available until the completion of the 6 part questline.

First of, pick up the Geothermal Shield buff from the newly installed Shielf Unit Generator. Note! You will loose this buff, if you change instance, leave Kessan's Landing or log off.

Worn Access Card

Next, you have to find a Worn Access Card. This item can spawn randomly in both Ardak Point and inside the Subterranean Power Station. I have had the most success of finding it in a small speeder bike shop near the Republic Shuttle in Ardak Point.

Hidden Entrance

Travel to Solitude's Laze in the south of Kessan's Landing, where the lave meets the water.

If you run up to the first rocky ledge on the left, you will be able to see an opening in the rocks. I recommend using a mount.
Note! Exposure to lava for more than 5 sec will deplete the Geothermal Shield buff. If the shield depletes, you will start taking damage, get slowed down and the shield will need 30 sec to recharge. I highly recommend using a character that has some form of movement increase. For example: Force Speed, Blade Blitz or Roll.

From the ledge, run in through the crack and make your way to the personal instance with an Access Terminal besides it. Once inside Heart of Mount Felo, you cannot use a mount anymore.

Lava Problems - Security Breach

Pick up the Lava Problems mission from the Access Terminal to activate your personal instance. Note! This mission can only be completed by interacting with the Datacron at the end, and can therefore only be completed by one character per Legacy.

If you're going as a group, there's a few things you need to know. First of, you can't summon to this location. So getting through the lava without a Thermal Shield can be painful, but not impossible. Secondly, only one person can interact with the Datacron. Only the person who owns the Pesonal Phase, gets the completion. You have to repeat the mission to help each other out.

So, if you are bringing a friend along to help, pick up the mission and enter the phase. Your friend can't join initially, but if you exit and let the phase go red again, your friend can enter, despite it being an inactive phase. They will see it as your phase. Then simply pick up the mission, enter and follow the rest of the guide.

Once inside, you have to interact with 5 terminals in a specific order, so please orientate yourself to their locations first.
System Access Terminal - Operation Control Station - System Flush - Safety Release - Routine Execution Unit.

Once you've clicked all 5, you have successfully disengaged security. You will immediately after be ambushed by a pack of Savrips and the countdown to reach next checkpoint has begun. You have 2:30 min!

Defeat the Savrips, then make your way through the footbridge and be careful to not get caught by the exhaustion vents while dealing with the next ambush.

At the end of the bridge, run through the small lava pit and pick up the High-Powered Missiles at the edge. These missiles will give you a Temporary Ability called Droid Savripbuster, which you will need for to combat the next ambush as you traverse to next bit before the time runs out.

Once you've collected the missiles, run as fast as you can to the door at the end of the tunnel before the time runs out. Ignore the Savrips, and let them come to you. If you miss the timer, the doors will slam shut and you have to start over.

Once you've reached the door, you can cheese it by stealthing out, but beware! These Savrip Stunners have Super Stealth Detection, so you have to be far enough away from them. On the other hand, if you deal with them now, you don't have to again, in case you need to start from this point again.
Use the Droid Savripbuster ability to interupt their Stunning Leap. You can knock them over the edge, but it is not recommended because it will activate the Monitor Probes downstairs and keep you in combat. You can stealth out here, if you have the option, to get out of combat.

Lava Problems - Malfunctioning Probe

From the overlook platform you are on, you can click the Droid Deployment Monitor to see where all the Monitor Probes are. It's not crucial knowledge, just a nice indicator.

From the platform, make your way down on the left side to the second rock. Be careful! It's a long way down, if you fall.

Use a speed ability to reach the first lava-free surface. At least one Monitor Probe will appear and force you into combat, which will slow you down slightly. These droid cannot be avoided or defeated, and although they will slow you down significantly if you get too close, they do not harm you. You might have to take a break on each platform to let your shield recharge.
Repeat this until you reach the final ledge.

Run up the last rock and jump over the gap. If you fall, don't worry. Your shield will protect you long enough to run back onto the rock.

Follow the path into the abandoned facility where you will find a Shielding Systems Override terminal up to the right, and a few packs of savrips. For convenience sake, I recommend getting rid of them before you interact with the terminal.

Once you click the Shielding Systems Override terminal, you have 2:30 min to follow the path on the right, locate and defeat the Malfunctioning Probe on the overlook platform and get to the door on the far side.

Its most important attack is its knockback called Electromotor Backlash, shown as a very large blue circle. The other is the Grapple Probe droids it spawns at the edge of the platform. It is paramount to stay on the inside of the platform to not be knock off it, so kill the Grapple Probes as fast as possible and get back to front of the boss. You can not move the boss to higher ground or the tunnels, without it despawning.
Remember! You can use Heroic Moment as a DPS boost.

Once defeated, loot the probe and pick up the Detonation Unit. You will need it to blast open the next door.

Lava Problems - Abandoned Droid Facility

Follow the tunnel to the right, past the pack of Savrips and onto the platform with the sealed door. Mind the gap! But hurry, before it's shielded again.

Click the door to use the Detonation Unit and enter the Abandoned Droid Facility.

If you miss the timer, the doors will be shielded and you have to start from the Shielding Systems Override terminal again. You don't have to defeat the Malfuntioning Probe again though.

Make your way to the three Grapple Droids and get rid of them fast. If they pull you into the lava, it will hurt!

From there, you can see the Datacron at the end of the tunnel. If you die now, you can only "return to medcenter" at the entrance to the Personal Phase, and you have to start over. Run to the rock with the High-Powered Missiles on.

From here you have a choice. Attack the Grapple Droids, get out of their line-of-sight and let them come to you, then move up and deal with the Savrip ambush. Or move up and deal with them all at once, with the risk of getting overwhelmed. Or simply run for it and deal with them at the Datacron, but then you loose the High-Powered Missiles. Your choice!

This will grant you Endurance +10 to your permanent stats and the use of the Geothermal Shield buff in Kessan's Landing.

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