Nar Shaddaa Nightlife Event Guide

Welcome to the Nar Shaddaa Nightlife Event!

Where can I find the Nightlife Event?

You can pick up the first time mission at the Advertisement Terminals on the Fleet that will tell you about the best Casino in the Galaxy is on Nar Shaddaa, called Star Cluster (Imperial) and Club Vertica (Republic).

Travel to the Casino on Nar Shaddaa and get on gambling!

You can also gamble on the Pleasure Skiffs on the Lower Promenade on Nar Shaddaa.

As well as The Bazaar on Mek-Sha. These locations are less crowded, but they also don't have the Emperor's Grace Machine.

Where do I get tokens?

You can buy Smuggler's Casino Chips for 2000 credits per chip, and Kingpin's Casino Chips for 75000 credits per chip, at the Hospitality Droids scattered around at the Casino, the Skiffs and Bazaar.

You can earn a few Smuggler's Casino Chips from the Daily Mission by interacting with the Advertisement Terminal at the Casino.

As well as you can earn a few Kingpin's Casino Chips from the Daily Missions given by Yan Pengu (Imperial Side) and Revehnimaal (Republic Side) at the Casino.

You will also earn lots of Chips, both Smuggler, Kingpin and Emperor's Grace as random drops from killing enemies across the Galaxy.

You also will earn Kingpin's Casino Chips from the Smuggler's Luck Machines,as well as from the Emperor's Grace.

You will also earn the Emperor's Casino Chips from the Kingpin's Bounty Machines.

How do I gamble most efficiently?

What you want to do is to start at the Smuggler's Luck Machines (Green machines) until you get a buff called Feeling Lucky which will last for 2 min.

While you have the Feeling Lucky buff, you move onto the Kingpin's Bounty (Purple machines).

Or to the Emperor's Grace Machine (Big and gold). Note: there are only 3 of these machines in the Casino, so be prepared to stand in queue once in a while.

Once you have won a prize or the buff runs out, you will lose your buff and you repeat the process.

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