SWTOR Alderaan Red Mastery Datacron Location Guide

The Red Mastery Datacron increases your aptitude in combat, allowing you to do more damage. It will grant you Mastery +4 to your permanent stats along with codex: Galactic History 46: Nadd's Legacy. There are 5 Datacrons in total located on the planet of Alderaan.

Datacrons are collectables scattered around the galaxy in Star Wars: The Old Republic. Each Datacron contributes towards your Legacy's passive stats permanently. Furthermore, they also provide interesting Lore and Codex Entries about the Old Republic era.

Starting coordinates: 1867, 1089.

This Datacron is located on a platform on the Lerantha Dam in the Kaamos Territory. You will need to purchase an item at a lone vendor directly south of Outpost Talarn in the Juran Mountains (if you didn't buy it at the same time as the Red Detonite Actuator for the Endurance Datacron).

You have to purchase the MGGS for 10,000 credits, which you will need for future Datacrons and achievements as well.

You will see the Datacron from afar when approaching the dam. Starting coordinates at the dam: 2121, -1976.

Get as close as you can on the rocks below. You can only interact with the clickable Magnetic Stabilizer to the left of the Datacron, if you have the MGGS in your inventory, which will work as a grappling hook.

This will grant you Mastery +4 to your permanent stats along with codex: Galactic History 46: Nadd's Legacy.

This datacron holds unheard of power and knowledge collected by an ancient race. You access its power and discover writings which are clearly only one small piece of a massive galactic history:

Once ruled by the Sith Lord Freedon Nadd, Onderon had gained a dark reputation. Master Arca Jeth sent three Jedi, including the brothers Ulic and Cay Qel-Droma, to act as stewards of the planet and bring peace to its people. When the Jedi arrived, Onderon's ruler--Queen Amanoa--begged for the Jedi's help in protecting her people from the warrior Beast Riders, who soon captured her daughter Galia.

Upon investigating, the Jedi learned the truth: Galia and the Beast Rider warlord Oron Kira had arranged the abduction together, planning to marry and unite their warring cultures. Queen Amanoa was actually a descendant of Freedon Nadd, strong in the dark side, and the Jedi were among her enemies.

The queen's forces battled with those of the Beast Riders and the Jedi. Cay Qel-Droma lost his arm in the fighting, and only the arrival of Arca Jeth--who used battle meditation to turn the battle in the Jedi's favor--saved Onderon. With Queen Amanoa's defeat, Galia and Oron Kira began rebuilding their world.

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