SWTOR Legacy of the Sith - New Expansion 2021

SWTOR Legacy of the Sith - New Expansion 2021

SWTOR have officially announced a new expansion named Legacy of the Sith to be released some time in December 2021. This will also kick off a year-long celebration of Star Wars: The Old Republic's 10th Anniversary.

Full SWTOR Live Stream: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WQYB2SU6H1g

Legacy of the Sith - What We Know So Far

  • New story
  • 5 more levels
  • Combat Styles
  • Loadouts
  • Location: Manaan
  • New Flashpoint: Elom
  • New Operation: R-4 Anomaly
  • The start of UI / UX Updates
  • New Character Creation
  • Character Sheet Update
  • Galactic Season 2

Year Long 10th Anniversary - What We Know So Far

  • More Story
  • New Flashpoint
  • New Locations
  • PvP Revamp
  • Galactic Season 3
  • Visual Improvements
  • UI Updates
  • Master Mode R-4 Anomaly
  • Tech Modernizations

Live Stream Reward Code

Redeem code "LOTSofSWTOR" at https://www.swtor.com/redeem-code to receive a Heta Kol Poster decoration.

Upcoming Events

  • July 5th - PTS! We get to test the new Combat Styles on a Jedi Guardian.
  • July 12th - "Seeing Red" - a Mandalorian short story.
  • July 19th - Dev Team Feature on swtor.com - Ashley Ruhl and SWTOR Cinematics.
  • July 26th - Looking back on Manaan, its story and meaning in SWTOR.

Combat Styles

When creating a new character we will no longer be locked to specific advanced class options.

As a force based class we will be able to choose any of the eight force based advanced classes available.

As a tech based class we will be able to choose any of the eight tech based advanced classes available.

This would make it possible for a Jedi to wield force lightning similar to a Dark Jedi or a Trooper to wield dual pistols similar to Captain Rex for example.

We will also be getting Loadouts that will allow us to swap between playstyles and gear with the click of a button.

New Storyline

The war between the Empire and the Republic will be spreading to new worlds. We will come across new fringe groups from dark corners of the galaxy, as well as continue our pursuit of Malgus.

Manaan Location

One of these worlds will be Manaan! The Empire has invaded Manaan and seized the kolto supply. The storyline will lead through new areas of Manaan including a new Daily Area!

New Flashpoint: Elom

In our quest to find Malgus, rumours of his whereabouts lead us to a new planet in called Elom, which has mysteriously been erased from all records. This will be available both as a SOLO experience, as well as Veteran and Master Mode.

New Operation

R-4 Anomaly is the name of the Operation, which will be released with Story Mode and Veteran Mode and will include 5 boss encounters. Master Mode will be available in early 2022. An obscure Sith cult is trying to rebuild an ancient superweapon of terrifying power, stolen from Czerka.

Galactic Season 2

A new Season with a new reward track that will be themed around Underworld Syndicates. New companion: Fen Zzeil a Duros gunslinger. This will be the first ever Duros companion in SWTOR and hinted as inspired by Cad Bane of the Clone Wars TV series.

Improved Player Experience

Lots of quality of life changes and updates to both UI and visuals!

And more that we will hear about in the near future.

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