Week 2: Distant Outer Rim

Daily Priority Objectives

Defeat Enemies across "Distant Outer Rim" planets (Belsavis, Hoth, Rishi, or Tatooine).

Tatooine Locations

SWTOR Insectoid locations on Tatooine. How and where to find Insectoids on Tatooine.


The Dune Sea

Recommended Fastest Heroics

Written by community member Omega

For the outer rim, we have 3 distinct destinations for heroics: Belsavis, Hoth and Tatooine.

This week leaves us with many heroics to choose from. We can note significant gaps between them, when it comes to the effort that they can require.

Belsavis on either side doesn't have any real great heroics and it suffers from the problem that the enemies are already quite high level. Therefore, the time to clear an area will be usually too long for them to be a viable option.

Overall, Hoth isn't really appealing in itself because most of the heroics there can be quite long for both sides and enemies have some levels. Nevertheless, on the imperial side, two of them are actually really good ones so we can just add a third one that is relatively good to end up with a quite viable mix. On the republic side we can find two heroics that can work in pair with a third one that is correct. We end up with something not amazing but it does the job.

For this week, Tatooine would appear to be the best destination. On the imperial side Tatooine might be the best destination to go for heroics. The three heroics there for this week might be the quickest combo to do compared to any galactic season week. Republic side Tatooine isn't really too exciting for heroics but we can find some that are viable and you'll be able to go for some geonosians on the way, which is convenient.


For the republic side our advice would be to go for Tatooine, especially if you have to for geonosians. When Hoth isn't too bad, on this side, it's not really shining either.

For the republic side Tatooine you should aim for: Pirate Bullies, Breaking the Code, Reap the Whirlwind.

  • Pirate Bullies: Go in the house, kill what's in the way and kill the boss.
  • Breaking the Code: Go in the hangar, kill the geonosians (if needed), get upstairs and click the item. This is the only heroic allowing you to get geonosians on the way.
  • Reap the Whirlwind: You have to kill the pirates there (droids don't count). Clear the main area down and get upstairs. This should give you enough kills to trigger the boss to get the heroic done. There is one group down and one up that will give you 2 pirate kills.

Know that for these hercois having a stealther is close to no use, you will have to kill stuff anyway.

For the republic side Hoth you should aim for: Signal Jam, Tech Diagrams, Frostclaw.

  • Signal Jam and Tech Diagrams are working together so you will end up doing them at the same time. Kill some enemies to loot the item you'll need for Tech diagrams. After that, walk around and click consoles, then go to the antenna for Tech and you'll be done with both heroics.
  • Frostclaw: Walk your way around adds and kill the boss. You can skip most of the adds even on a non-stealther.

Having a stealther can be useful to avoid some adds on Signal and Diagrams and will enable you to run straight to the boss for Frostclaw.


For the imperial side our advice would be to also go for Tatooine. Either destinations are good and will be done quickly but Tatooine should remain the fastest option of the two.

For the imperial side Tatooine you should aim for: Black Box, Jawa Trade, Prison Labor.

  • Black box: Take your best mount, run to the box, click it, kill the adds.
  • Jawa Trade and Prison Labor are just about clearing some adds. You will rely a bit on RNG for Jawa but usually it should take you between 1 and 3 groups to be done. For Prison just go where the blue adds are. You will need to clear 3 groups there. For both you may have to run around a bit because of respawn but it really shouldn't be long.

For the imperial side Hoth you should aim for: Pirated Lockbox, Taking the Heat, Deconstruction Efforts.

  • Pirated Lockbox: Click the 3 bodies (1 on either side of the crash and 1 below the shuttle), click the item in your mission tab and then go to the box.
  • Taking the Heat: Go in the phase, kill the adds and click the turrets. There are not many things in there so in short clear everything in the phase.
  • Deconstruction Efforts: Kill 20 ennemies and destroy 4 com array. There are a few big groups of add that will help you to get kills fast. Always clear the group on the left of the entrance if it's there. Then go either by the top or the bottom to find some other big groups. You will depend a bit on the respawn of adds, nothing too bad. You should have no problems destroying the coms, get them on the way.


For this week the advantage goes to the imperial side. Considering only time, you will be faster doing imp side Tatooine and then going back to kill geonosians than just doing republic side Tatooine. Nevertheless, getting them on the way might be more convenient to you, in which case, go 100% for the republic side. Also, if you are tired of Tatooine you can go to Hoth, won't be the fastest but it won't take you ages to be done.

Just so that you have an idea, in time order, destinations should be from quickest to longest: Imperial Tatooine, Imperial Hoth, Republic Tatooine, Republic Hoth.

Complete Daily Missions across "Distant Outer Rim" planets (Rishi or Section X).

Compete in any Unranked Warzone match.

Complete any Galactic Starfighter match.

Defeat non-player opponents across Hutta, Korriban, Ord Mantell, or Tython.

Defeat non-player opponents across Coruscant or Dromund Kaas.

Weekly Priority Objectives

Complete any one of the "Distant Outer Rim" Story Mode Operations (Eternity Vault, Explosive Conflict, Terror From Beyond, or The Ravagers).

Complete any 3 "Distant Outer Rim" Veteran Mode Flashpoints through Group Finder (Battle of Rishi, Blood Hunt, Athiss, Mandalorian Raiders, or Taral V).

Complete 3 Unranked Warzone matches.

Complete 4 Galactic Starfighter matches.

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