Week 1: Coreward Worlds

Daily Priority Objectives

Defeat enemies across "Coreward" planets (Alderaan, Balmorra, Corellia, Mek-Sha, or Onderon).

Alderaan Locations

SWTOR Insectoid locations on Alderaan. How and where to find Insectoids on Alderaan.

Alsakan Lowlands

Kaamos Territory

Juran Mountains

King's Pass

Balmorra Locations

SWTOR Insectoid locations on Balmorra. How and where to find Insectoids on Balmorra.


Imperial: The Daily Heroic A Question of Motivation contains Insectoids.

Sundari Flatlands (Republic Only)

The Daily Heroics Aquired Taste, Local Predators and Colicoid Massacre contains Insectoids.

Recommended Fastest Heroics

Written by community member Omega

For the core planet week, we have 3 distinct destinations when it comes to heroics.

Corellia is a no go by default. The main issue is the level of the enemies. You will just take too much time to clean them.

Also, you want to avoid doing Alderraan but not for the same reasons. On the imperial side, heroics aren't really great but not terrible. However, Balmorra's heroics are just too great for the Alderaan ones to be a viable option. Even if you have to kill Killiks, it's not worth it.

For republic side, the heroics are just a pain and if there are multiple people there, you will have big troubles doing anything.

This leads us to the conclusion that no matter what, even with having to kill Killiks, go for Balmorra on both sides.


For the republic side you should aim for: Shifting Priorities, Industrial Sabotage, The Mandalorian Terror.

Republic side Balmorra mainly has respawn time problems. There are many outside objects to click. In the selection two fall in this category. Nevertheless, on these, the respawn isn't as bad as other Balmorrean heroics.

Shifting priorities: Click 8 destroyed droids.

Industrial Sabotage: Make your way around the adds and click 3 panels at the back of the ships. Industrial can be done without killing anything even on a non stealther.

The Mandalorian Terror is a phase one and relatively linear. For a non stealther there is a nice add skip. In the first room go straight to your left. In the second, do a little jump, also to your left. This will allow you to skip two large groups of adds.

If you have a stealther you can forget Shifting Priorities and do Local Predators. Run past everything and kill the boss. Stealthers also make Industrial and Mando significantly easier.

Hit 'Em Where They Live and Justice for the Lost are suffering way too much from the objective respawn issue. If Balmorra is in the heroics, you will have a hard time doing them.

Colicoid Massacre and Target of Opportunity are just not worth it. They require too much effort compared to the others.


For the imperial side you should aim for: Comrades in Arms, Settling Debts, Toxic Bombs.

Imperial side Balmorra is one of the best destinations. The heroics are some of the quickest in the game.

Comrades in Arms: Talk to the droid, make your way around the adds, get the item and get back to the droid. The lightside and darkside choices are splitting the respawn time of items. If you go all the way at the back, you only have 1 or 2 groups to clear depending on the class. However, we wouldn't recommend doing this one in a group since you have to wait for every member to click the item.

Settling Debts is a phased one. Most of it is add clearing but they die fast since they are very low level. Just clear the back room fully and ignore the adds on the sides.

Toxic Bomb is phased one. You only have to kill 4 gold adds and you will be able to get the 4 bombs. One of the quickest heroic in the entire game.

If you are in a group replace Comrades in Arms with The Republic's Last Gasp. Even as a solo player you can do this one instead of Comrades or Settling. It just comes to personal preference. They are all very close on time.

A Question of Motivation is just painful because of the respawn time and the others are just too long or require to kill too much stuff, not really worth doing.


For this week no real advantage for a side. Both are pretty quick and good destinations overall. We think that doing imperial might be a slightly better choice since you will rely less on objects respawning. Even then, the republic side remains a viable option.

Complete Daily Missions across "Coreward" planets (Black Hole or Onderon).

Compete in any Unranked Warzone match.

Complete any Galactic Starfighter match.

Defeat non-player opponents across Hutta, Korriban, Ord Mantell, or Tython.

Defeat non-player opponents across Coruscant or Dromund Kaas.

Weekly Priority Objectives

Complete any of the "Coreward Worlds" Story Mode Operations (Nature of Progress once, Scum and Villainy once, or Hive of the Mountain Queen three times).

Complete 3 "Coreward Worlds" Veteran Mode Flashpoints through Group Finder (Assault on Tython, Kuat Drive Yards, Depths of Manaan, or Red Reaper).

Complete 3 Unranked Warzone matches.

Complete 4 Galactic Starfighter matches.

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